Five Ways to Brighten Your Smile

Dental Health

A glowing smile gives you confidence. You should be able to laugh and smile without any hesitation. But, sometimes, life dulls our smiles and leaves yellow stains. Tobacco, red wine, coffee, and other unhealthy foods have the ability to tint your teeth. If you cannot give up coffee or smoking, you should find different ways to brighten your smile. 

There are several whitening options available in the market. Every procedure is safe if done correctly. You can consult an Antigo general dentist and discuss the best whitening option.

Ways to brighten your smile

There are various ways by which you can get back your teeth’s natural off-white color. All you need to do is follow them strictly.

  • Whitening toothpaste

Switching to whitening toothpaste is the first tip for illuminating your smile. All toothpaste may claim to remove stains, but there is some toothpaste that specializes in stain removal.

Those whitening toothpastes contain ingredients that clean the surface of your teeth. Some toothpastes can be used more than twice a day without damaging your enamel.

Brushing with whitening toothpaste after taking meals will help in brightening teeth. When brushing your teeth twice daily, you should use a toothbrush made of soft bristles to protect your enamel.   

  • Cut down on coffee

Unfortunately, drinking coffee can stain your teeth. The tannins in the coffee leave a yellow tint over time. The stain does not necessarily indicate poor oral hygiene but dampens your smile. 

If you cannot cut down on coffee, rinse your mouth with water afterward. It will not eliminate the tannins completely but will wash some tannins away. 

  • Quit smoking

Smoking and other tobacco products turn our teeth yellow. Not only teeth stains but also causes serious oral conditions. 

Smoking makes you much more prone to developing oral cancer and gum disease. The yellow stain is just the start of the bad news.

  • Chew sugar-free chewing gum

Sugar-containing chewing gums are not suitable for oral health and can cause cavities. But chewing gum containing xylitol can help your smile. 

Xylitol gums can help prevent plaque build-up and whitens up your teeth. Also, chewing gum promotes saliva production and can remove food pieces stuck between your teeth. 

  • Try out home remedies.

You can try some home remedies for a dull smile. You can rub the innards of a banana peel on your teeth and then rinse thoroughly. You will see some whitening effect on your teeth after using it 4-5 times. 

If it does not work, you can try using baking soda with lemon and make a white paste. Baking soda has a whitening effect and can be used in many at-home teeth whitening recipes.