Understanding Bioidentical Hormone Therapy


Hormones are termed the messenger system of our body, where they virtually control almost every function of ours. As a natural consequence of aging, the quantity of critical hormones in the body reduces. The majorly affected hormones are oestrogen in women and progesterone in men. Women face menopause, and men witness a situation called andropause. Both genders detect specific changes, but women suffer from impactful effects.

Hormone production and aging

The dominant hormone of the female gender is oestrogen. It has a significant role in the entire female body. With aging, as the balance of this crucial messenger lowers, the after-effects directly or indirectly contribute to aging. The signs might include dry skin, lowered bone and muscle mass, and unpredictable changes in the metabolism rate.

Men have testosterone as their primary hormone. When testosterone production gradually declines, it does not create massive changes like in women with the onset of menopause. But despite this, lower hormone production will increase the rate of aging. Men tend to lose a lot of muscle mass, and they find it difficult to rebuild it through exercise. Men suffer less from osteoporosis than women, but their bones are also prone to losing density and becoming brittle.

Both men and women suffer extensive sleep disruption with changes in their hormones. They tend to lose their body’s self-repair mechanisms, which ultimately results in accelerated aging.

Bioidentical hormones

The cases of menopause have long been treated with the use of HRTs. Long-term use of HRT can cause side effects and multiple complications in the female body. But commonly, hormone replacement has been accepted as a feasible treatment for severe symptoms like hot flashes.

When using the HRT, one might find that they precisely do not match the chemical structure of the natural hormones. However, these have been thought of as a minor issue but these might be what is responsible for the side effects. 

Today, it is possible to make artificial hormones that are exact replicas of the original ones in their molecular structure. These are known as the bioidentical hormones, and they are used for the BHRT or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Because of their uncanny match, they can easily bind with the receptors in the body, just like natural hormones.

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