Can Dental Implants Be Done on the Same Day?

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Most patients ask if the dental implants can be performed in one day. Traditional implants can take several months to complete and require numerous trips. It includes initial extraction of the tooth and waiting for two to four months to heal the socket fully. After that, there will be an implant insertion and another following three to six months before the bone fully fuses on the implant. 

One-day implants are possible, allowing you to avoid the arduous and lengthy traditional healing process. You can also get your dental implants in Dacula, GA, done in a day. 

Can dental implants be done on the same day?

One day dental implants are gaining popularity with a high success rate. The National Centre for Biotechnology Information stated that the success rates between traditional dental implants with one-day dental implants are incredibly minimal. Also, one-day implants offer immediate restoration allowing the individual to leave the dental practice with a new temporary tooth. It will give the patient peace of mind regarding the implant’s final appearance without waiting several months to think about the appearance. 

There are benefits of one-day implants–notably, one being better bone healing. When the implants are placed immediately, the bone will be preserved, which means you will not need any costly bone procedures after the healing process starts. On the other hand, soft tissues and gums heal quickly and will less likely recede using this form of implant. The healing process is assisted by the implants keeping away the potential contaminants from the tooth extraction area. Furthermore, the procedure will be quick because fewer surgical steps are involved. 

Candidate suitable for one-day implants depends on your number of implants and bones. Some candidates who would like to have one-day implants may not receive them. It is because there are some criteria for those who can receive them, and the ones with specific characteristics may be considered unfit candidates for one-day implants. 

Individuals who cannot receive one-day dental implant treatments are mentioned below.

  1. Periodontal disease sufferers.
  2. Heavy smokers.
  3. Individuals with poor dental hygiene.
  4. Those who have soft or thin jawbones.
  5. Patients with chronic disease.
  6. Individuals with bruxism.

Disadvantages of one-day implants

There are several advantages of one-day implants, but some disadvantages are also needed to be considered when deciding on the procedure. Among the disadvantages, one-day implants have a slightly higher chance of failure than traditional dental implants. One-day dental implants also require a lot of time, which can be difficult for some patients depending on the number of implants they have.