Medical Issues That Can Occur from Poor Dental Hygiene

Dental Health

When we talk about dental hygiene, we mean the entire buccal cavity, i.e., the teeth, gums, and the whole dental-facial system fall into it. The primary function of an oral cavity is to help us chew, speak, and smile. However, if we do not take care of our dental health, it will cause frequent pain and also cause severe medical health conditions that one must be aware of. 

According to research and statistics, about 40% of people experience pain and suffering every year, and about 70-80% of people will have dental health problems like cavities in their 30s. People spend heavy amounts of money every year on dental health issues, which could be avoided by practicing a few healthy habits daily. 

If you are suffering from a dental health disorder such as gum disease and tooth decay, make sure you call a dentist in Littleton immediately to get it treated. Dental health conditions are fragile, and any delay may result in severe medical issues. 

Nevertheless, you must know about some medical conditions that result from poor dental hygiene. 

Medical issues that can occur from poor dental hygiene

  • Tooth decay or cavities 

Cavities are one of the most common dental health issues in the country. Cavities are nothing but small voids in your teeth that are created by holes in the tooth enamel. A decaying tooth has bacteria that secret acid to destroy your teeth’ enamel leading to cavities. 

These bacteria are present in plaque which sets on our teeth. The plaque that collects on the services of our teeth is mainly responsible for the profundity of this bacteria. Eating food rich in carbs can lead to excess plaque that, in turn, becomes a house for this bacteria. 

To avoid the bacteria from causing any harm to you, you must brush at least twice a day to make sure you remove it all from your mouth. Make sure to use a mouthwash after your brush to remove any leftover plaque from bacteria. 

  • Gum disease 

Other medical conditions include gum diseases like gum infection and sore gums from poor dental hygiene. Gum disease can be excruciating and cause discomfort to the patient. 

Gum disease can result from a weak immune system, chronicle disease like diabetes, or heredity. One of the most common causes of periodontal disease is tobacco consumption. 

Moreover, if you do not treat your gum disease on time, it can lead to bone loss, providing support to your gums.