Using Straws While Drinking Any Beverage – Is It Healthy


The best way of maintaining oral health at its best is by brushing your teeth twice a day. Other habits that can help in maintaining healthy dental line is by flossing every day and visiting the dental specialist once every 6 months. People prefer taking beverages through straws as they will get minimal exposure to teeth while drinking coffee or tea or even alcohol.

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Bad beverages for teeth

Here are some of the beverages that are bad for teeth health.

  • Juice
  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Fruit punch
  • Soda

Straws and teeth staining

Even though it sounds like an unbelievable statement, drinking beverages through straw can reduce the exposure of the drink on teeth, which in turn reduces the chances of teeth staining. The presence of acids and sugar in beverages can form a layer on teeth and can cause cavities and other such dental issues.

Benefits of using straws

Here are some of the commonly experienced dental problems according to the teeth whitening Cypress experts.

  • Staining 

Many drinks contain staining agents, sugar, and acids. Continuous exposure to such ingredients may result in making teeth look dark, discolored, and even stained. With the help of straws, you can reduce the chances of teeth discoloration.

  • Keeps the teeth pearly white 

The dark beverages that you consume can make your teeth dark or stained. You can keep the pearly white smile on your face for a longer time with the help of straw. Drinking beverages through the straws will direct the liquid into the throat, instead of exposing them inside your mouth.

  • Shields your teeth from sugar exposure 

Drinking any sweet liquid directly from the cup will make them come in contact with your teeth. The sugar content in such liquid will get mixed up with saliva and coat the enamel layer in return. With the help of straws, you can safeguard your teeth’ enamel from being exposed to the sugar content in sweet liquid.

  • Teeth sensitivity is avoided 

You might have noticed your dentist suggesting you use straws while drinking beverages that are rich in some kind of acid. This is to safeguard your teeth from acid exposure, which in turn can reduce the chances of the development of teeth sensitivity.

  • Encouragement to hydration 

Drinking beverages through straws will encourage the idea of the hygienic way of hydrating your body for maximum hours in a day. Studies have revealed that straws are the best way to drink water or any other such liquid than introducing the cup into your mouth.

The best way of maintaining pearly whites after the teeth whitening procedure for a longer time is by using straws while drinking any beverage. Even though there are some drawbacks of using straws, dentists suggest using them for the best dental care.