Get The Best Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure For A Brighter More Attractive Smile


There have been thousands of products in the market that claim to whiten your teeth, but hardly offer any satisfactory results. Teeth whitening depends on various factors but the professional in-house whitening treatment has been the safest and most predictable way to offer a brighter and attractive smile.

Why stain removal is necessary?

Seeking the help of a professional at a dentist’s clinic for fixing your stained teeth is a sure-shot way for brighter, whiter, and better results. Stains and overall discoloration make your smile look dull so even if you smile widely or laugh heartily, the expressiveness seems missing due to stained teeth. Stain removal also strengthens your teeth and makes them healthier increasing the overall health of your gums and the entire mouth.

The obvious benefits of getting your teeth white through a professional are many.

Why professional treatment?

The stain removal solutions available in the market are available in just one size which might not be fit for your teeth. There is no versatility and so it may result in uneven white teeth.

Going to a dentist is always the best option for oral health and whitening treatment. They will create a tooth bleaching solution that is customized by making a mold of your teeth. At Orion Dental Specialist, Cypress Texas, you will get Koer bleaching treatment for teeth that can restore your beautiful smile in just two weeks and would last for a lifetime.

This treatment offers a thorough stain removal from your enamel thus removing even the stubborn stains. Your teeth get rejuvenated with brilliant whiteness. Your teeth’ ability to absorb oxygen is restored due to which the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth. The stains are dissolved at the minutest level providing the best and satisfactory results.

You need to wear your tray which is filled with Koer bleaching gel during sleep. Such teeth whitening Cypress procedures have been proved entirely safe for your teeth and gums so you can go for this treatment without any worries.

Improves the health of the teeth

The over-the-counter remedies for whitening of teeth can cause damage to the gum tissues in your mouth. Your teeth can become sensitive and may start hurting from certain food and drinks.

Teeth whitening Cypress TX at Orion Dental Specialties is safer and more comfortable as you have experts performing the procedure.

  • The experts will examine your teeth before beginning the process.
  • If there are any dental problems with your tooth or gum, you will be advised to get them repaired before the whitening procedure is done.
  • They will monitor the progress in every step taking care in adjusting the amount and concentration of the bleaching agent.
  • The gums and other parts of your mouth will be covered from exposure to the bleaching agent as it is slightly corrosive.
  • There will be post-procedure tips on how to take care of your teeth and control tooth sensitiveness.

Getting your teeth whitening procedure done by a professional is a fast process. Moreover, with suggested maintenance tips, the results are going to last longer.