5 situations when you need to visit a dentist in East Charlotte

Dental Health

Dental checkups are more necessary than most people think. Cleanings and oral exams can help diagnose and treat conditions affecting teeth and gums on time, and more importantly, you can avoid unwanted complications. In this post, we share five situations when you cannot afford to wait to see a dentist in East Charlotte, NC.

You have endured a tooth injury

Accidents happen, but when you have a broken or avulsed tooth, you should call your dental practice immediately. If the tooth was freshly knocked off the socket, there is a high chance that your dentist may place it back, especially if you act within an hour. Keep the avulsed tooth in an airtight container with milk or water.

You have severe pain in a tooth

Decay, gum disease, or an infection can trigger a toothache that can be hard to manage. While an over-the-counter painkiller may help with the symptoms, it is never a fix for the underlying concern. Consider contacting your dentist and following their instructions. It could be a case of deep decay, which may require root canal therapy.

You have a broken crown/bridge

Dental restorations such as crowns and bridges are durable and can last for years. However, when you have a cracked bridge or if a crown has fallen off, you must see a dentist. You may not have any symptoms, but the damage can be worse than you know. Your dentist can take steps and order a replacement appliance.

You have broken orthodontics

If you are using plastic or transparent orthodontic devices to straighten your smile, you are expected to see your dentist every two weeks for adjustments. However, if your orthodontics trays have broken, don’t delay seeking help. In some cases, the dentist may choose to give you the next set or may ask you to use the previous aligners until replacements come back from a lab.

You have an abscess

If you find the gums close to a tooth or other parts of the mouth are swollen, you need to seek help. It could be related to an infection or even gum disease. Thankfully, the early stages of gum disease are reversible, and if you have a cavity, your dentist can initiate further treatments.

The truth is no symptom concerning your teeth or gums should be taken lightly. You should call the clinic to know if this is an emergency and whether you need to come immediately.