Going for root canal therapy in Oak Lawn? Don’t believe in these myths

Dental Health

Visiting the dentist can be an overwhelming experience, even for adults who have been regular with oral care. The procedures often involve tools and instruments that are tiny and appear scary, although it’s important to appreciate that modern dentistry has come a long way. If you visited a dentist in Oak Lawn, IL, and were advised to go for root canal therapy, you have nothing to worry about. Below we have shared a few myths that you don’t need to believe about the treatment.  

Myth 1 – Root canal therapy is painful

No, root canal therapy doesn’t hurt any more than a tooth extraction. If your dentist finds deep decay in a tooth and believes that RCT can resolve the symptoms, they will consider the option. During the treatment, the dentist will use local anesthesia before they start working, and you wouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort. The only side effect is the effect of anesthesia, which can last for a few hours.

Myth 2 – Extracting a tooth is better than root canal therapy

Your dentist will do everything to save the natural tooth, and if that means going for RCT, they will always prefer that. Extracting a tooth may sound more manageable, but you have to consider replacement soon, which can mean getting a bridge, dental implants, or even dentures. If you don’t act soon, the rapid reduction in bone mass could be an added concern. On any given day, root canal therapy is a better option.

Myth 3 – You need multiple appointments for root canal therapy

While this is not entirely a myth, you may need to see your dentist at least two to four times to complete root canal therapy. Today, it is possible to complete RCT in one appointment, although your dentist may consider splitting the work into two to three sessions so that you don’t have to sit in the chair for long. You will need to return for a dental crown, which can include an additional appointment.

Final word

Done by an experienced dentist or endodontist, root canal therapy is a safe procedure and can be the most effective way to save a decayed or infected tooth. Also, just because you have a toothache, it doesn’t mean you need RCT. Find a reliable dental practice in Oak Lawn and discuss your symptoms. In many cases, just a filling may help stop issues like sensitivity.