What Are the Benefits of Cord Blood Banking That We Need to Be Aware of?


Cord blood banking is making the news nowadays with new discoveries on conditions stem cells can treat. It is said to be helpful in saving lives and in treating birth-related injuries like HIE and Cerebral Palsy. Here we are going to talk about the importance of cord blood banking and its way to help people.

You can check the website of Cord Blood for Life if you are looking to donate cord blood from the birth of your baby.  It can help to treat the life of a potential match or be a part of research that leads to a cure for thousands.

About Cord Blood

Cord blood is found in the umbilical cord and the placenta. This blood is rich in stem cells that are highly useful in fighting diseases. They can then transform themselves into different types of blood cells so that your body can develop different tissues and can provide strength to your immune system. 

These stem cells are said to be very useful for an individual who has health problems or diseases related to the immune system or genetics. As per the scientists, this is found to be useful to treat 70 different diseases. 

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is a process in which the blood is collected from the child immediately after he is born (i.e. within the first 15 minutes). It can be done in both cases, whether it is vaginal delivery or c-sec. The blood is taken out by drawing it with the help of a syringe or by just draining it into the bag. It is then taken for processing to a lab where it is kept for 48 hours and then taken to the bank.

As a parent, you need to find the blood bank well before the birth of your child and then keep the medical provider updated about the birth. 

Finding a Cord Blood Bank

First, find a bank that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. There are mainly 2 types of banks: private and public. You will have to choose according to the usage of your cord blood. 

In Private blood banks, you can use it for your personal use. As it has genetic material, you can use it for any inherited medical issue for a close relative like a sibling or a parent. This is also called a directed donation.

In Public blood banks, it can be used for anyone who is in need of it. This process is called an allogenic transplant. In the public sector, this blood will be screened for any blood or genetic disorders and the data will be saved for future reference.

As per the ASMBT, it seems that a cord blood bank to be used for personal use stands a chance of only 0.04%, which means that it will just sit in the private bank without being used. By donating it to the public bank, you can help someone in need for the same. 

Also in terms of money, private banks are a bit expensive as compared to public banks, as public banks are free.

To conclude, a cord blood bank is a precious resource that can provide immediate treatment for people struggling with life.