Candela GentleMax Pro for Hair Removal: All you need to know


Are you tired of tweezing, shaving, and waxing and need a more permanent solution for unwanted hair? Laser hair removal could be an option. As the name suggests, the treatment involves using laser light to get rid of hair from targeted areas of the body. There are different lasers and patented technologies used for the process, and you can visit Laser & Skin Care Center to learn about Candela GentleMax Pro. Here’s what you can expect if you are going for the procedure.

What happens during the office?

For Candela GentleMax Pro treatments, you need to visit the clinic. Your aesthetician will give you safety eyewear to wear during the procedure. They will rely on a handpiece to guide the laser light to the targeted areas. The patented technology ensures that patients don’t feel any pain during the procedure. Before each laser pulse, you may feel a small pulse of cooling spray, which will help reduce the discomfort. Depending on the targeted area, you can expect the session to last a few minutes to an hour.

Does the procedure hurt?

Traditional laser treatments can hurt a lot more. Because of Candela’s DCD cooling technique, you may not feel as much discomfort or pain. If you are extremely sensitive to pain, let your doctor know. They may use a topical anesthetic, which will numb the area.

How many sessions will a patient need?

Hair removal using Candela GentleMax Pro may require more than a few sessions, depending on the condition of the skin, the texture of the hair, and the size of the targeted area. Talk to your practitioner about the costs and sessions required to get the desired effects.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

You should avoid waxing, plucking, and electrolysis for at least two weeks before the treatment. While you can trim your hair, you are not allowed to trim them entirely, as the laser will be focused on the follicles. Your skin should be clean and dry before the procedure, and make sure you don’t apply any makeup or skincare products. Avoid the tanning booth or direct sun exposure for 14 days before the treatment.

Your aesthetician will usually recommend using a sunblock with a higher SPF for at least two or more weeks. Ensure that you follow the aftercare instructions. Your next session will be scheduled after 14 days or as required. Talk to a top clinic now for individualized advice.