Do Not Ignore These Signs of Dental Fillings 

Dental Health

Fillings are a painless dental procedure used to remove cavities from the tooth and strengthen it so that the patient can chew food again. They are vital in the prevention of the further spread of decay. The fillings make the teeth look pretty again and increase the patient’s confidence. Consult a dentist in Orland Park, IL, and get your teeth filled to obtain a perfect smile.

You can know if you need a filling by visiting a dentist or observing sure signs. Assessing the appearance of the following signs can help you recognize the need for a tooth filling.

  • You notice a cavity. 

If you notice the appearance of decay in certain areas of your teeth, it’s time to visit a dentist and get it professionally checked. A dark spot in the teeth may indicate a growing cavity, even if it does not seem like an actual hole.

  • You are experiencing tooth pain.

Visit a dentist immediately if your teeth start hurting. Toothaches must be taken seriously regardless of their level of severity. It does not matter if the pain is consistent or goes away independently. Getting professional help would be helpful.

Moreover, it is not necessary that every time your tooth starts hurting, it is due to a cavity, but broadly spread decay is one of the leading causes of toothaches. If the cavity spreads too much, you may need root canal treatment, which is more complicated than the regular filling. To avoid that, make sure to visit your dentist whenever you experience tooth pain so that it can be treated on time.

  • You are experiencing sensitivity in your teeth.

Sensitivity to hot and cold food items and beverages can indicate a cavity that needs filling. Decayed teeth are more at risk of experiencing sensitivity as the cavity facilitates heat and cold penetration into the teeth.

  • You lost your filling.

If you lose your filling or it falls out on its own, consult a dentist immediately. Such teeth are weak and more prone to breakage. It can also lead to the development of decay if the filling is not done within due time.

Make sure that you regularly visit a dentist and get your dental health examined. This helps to keep a check on fillings and ensure that they are in proper condition. With time, dental fillings start pulling away from the teeth, leading to the growth of bacteria and potential decay.

  • You have a cracked or damaged tooth.

If your tooth gets chipped or damaged for some reason, it can be fixed with a dental filling. Consult a professional to consider your options for repairing such tooth damage.