How Can I Deal With My Winter Mouth Problems?

Dental Health

Some specific oral health issues recur each year as the winter weather sets in. Sensitive teeth, a dry mouth, and dry lips are increasing problems. Fairfield, ME family dentistry is something you should check out.

To experience these difficulties, you do not have to be among the many. Continue reading for advice on preventing winter mouth problems.

Tip 1: Frequently use lip balm.

Your lips’ thin, easily chapped skin makes them particularly vulnerable to the dry, chilly air. Even during the winter, using a Chapstick with SPF is crucial to keep your lips nourished and protected from the sun.

Tip 2: Use a Humidifier.

During the winter, your flesh is more susceptible to withering out and developing cracks since there is less moisture in the air. To maintain healthy skin and lips healthy, use a humidifier in your house to increase the amount of moisture in the air.

Tip 3: Use toothpaste if you have sensitive teeth.

If consuming hot chocolate or apple cider causes sudden, acute tooth pain, you might have sensitive teeth. The dentin layer, which is beneath your tooth enamel and is vulnerable to meals and beverages when your dental enamel is compromised and breaks down, can hurt. In this situation, cold, freezing weather can also be problematic. Using toothpaste for delicate teeth shields unprotected dental tubules from damage and improved the comfort of consuming hot or cold foods.

Tip 4: Drink plenty of water.

This is wise advice all year round, but particularly during the winter. The condition known as “dry mouth” is caused by not having enough saliva in your mouth. Many factors might cause dry mouth, including smoking, certain medications, medical procedures like chemotherapy, and other therapies. Drinking lots of water throughout the day is essential because the dry, cold winter air can worsen this problem. Additionally, it will moisturize your skin and stop chapped lips.

Tip 5: Stay Warm

Here is one that hopefully you would be attempting on your own. Wearing warm clothing can help you manage jaw pain when you suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) condition since cold weather makes your joints and muscles stiff. Simply remaining warm helps to lessen any jaw clenching or tightening.

Many people enjoy the cool weather and the perks of winter. However, just as in the summer, it is crucial to make wise choices during the other harsh season to avoid dealing with cracked lips and the various problems mentioned here. These suggestions can assist you in putting those concerns to one side, so you can concentrate on the aspects of colder weather you appreciate.