Tips for Finding an Emergency Dentist  


If you have a dental emergency, you absolutely would not want to drive more than necessary to an emergency dentist because you could not find a qualified one nearby. Schedule an appointment with Dexter dental clinic today to get the treatment you require in the event of a dental emergency. 

How can you find an emergency dentist nearby? 

Most of the time, you should be able to locate a qualified emergency dentist in your neighborhood by conducting an internet search and asking trusted friends and family for recommendations. Of course, you will want to double-check the credentials of any emergency dentist you are contemplating rather than simply going with the nearest one. You should also contact ahead and notify them that you are on your way. 

Conduct a quick web search. 

The internet may not always be the most dependable source of information. Nonetheless, if you screen the Google search results, you should be able to identify reliable emergency dentists in your location quite quickly. Of course, checking the reviews for each dentist you are considering is critical. In an emergency, this might be as simple as a quick search of Google reviews. Ensuring that the emergency dentist provides the services you will most likely require is also critical. 

Ask a trusted friend or family member. 

There may be no better way to locate an emergency dentist than through a recommendation from a friend or family member. Direct referrals from individuals you trust can give you confidence that your visit to the emergency dentist and clinic’s staff will be positive, presuming your relative or friend has also had a positive experience. Of course, not everyone has a dental emergency, so getting a recommendation from a relative or close friend is not always possible. 

Call ahead 

Another helpful piece of advice when looking for an emergency dentist is to contact ahead and ask the practice if they can treat your specific condition and to let them know you are on your way. This can help to shorten the wait time upon arrival and allow you to receive the care you require more quickly. 

Take appropriate action 

When you contact the emergency dentist’s office, ask what preparations you may make to help ensure a successful emergency treatment. Treatment may include:

  • Reducing the bleeding by applying gauze to the injured area.
  • Conserving a knocked-out tooth.
  • Using saltwater rinse to control and minimize an oral infection.
  • Other measures.

These precautions can aid in the success of treatment.