Top 8 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry


Sedation dentistry is an increasingly popular option for all those who find oral surgery or dental procedures daunting. If you’ve always been a little anxious about going to the dentist in Grand Haven, MI, then sedation dentistry may be an option for you.

Here are the top eight reasons to consider sedation dentistry:

  1. Fewer dental appointments

If you frequently miss appointments due to anxiety or dental phobia, then sedation dentistry may be for you. Patients who need many dental procedures done in a short period of time can consider sedation dentistry to complete as many appointments in one day as possible.

  1. Alleviate dental anxiety

Those who have issues with dental anxiety describe uncomfortable feelings, sweating, shaking, and an inability to relax due to high levels of stress. Dental offices offer sedation dentistry to help patients relax both mentally and physically, which is especially critical for those with dental phobia.

  1. Easier to feel comfortable in a dental environment

One of the most important reasons to consider sedation dentistry is that it helps you feel more comfortable in the dental environment. Even those with pain management issues experience less pain during sedation dentistry procedures because they’re not trying to focus on their discomfort.

  1. Relaxes gag reflex

Most patients will have a gag reflex during dental work, but sedation dentistry helps to alleviate that reflex. Because patients aren’t as distracted by the need to control their gag reflex, they are able to focus on relaxing and reducing stress levels in the mouth.

  1. Trouble sitting still

Patients who experience dental anxiety often find it difficult to sit still during appointments. Sedation dentistry helps patients to relax so that they can focus on the dentist in front of them while they’re sedated.

  1. Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be reduced with sedation dentistry. Some people experience intense pain and sensitivity when a dental procedure begins. However, sedation dentistry can help to reduce tooth sensitivity so patients may experience less discomfort.

  1. Sedation dentistry reduces treatment time

If you have issues with dental anxiety, it’s likely that you are very stressed during a dental appointment. Sedation dentistry helps to calm your nervous system so that you perform better during treatment. This is especially true for those who find oral surgery or dental procedures difficult because of the anxiety they experience while in the chair with the dentist.

  1. A better overall experience

Those who choose to use sedation dentistry for their dental treatments find that the overall experience is more positive. Sedation dentistry helps patients relax in a dentist’s chair, reducing anxiety and allowing for a more positive experience altogether.