Opioid Abuse and Its Effects – What to Know?


Opioids are the class of illegal substances that includes heroin and prescription drugs. They are used for reducing pain that follows with some surgical procedures used to treat many issues such as sports injuries, accidents, and so on.

However, some patients cannot let go of the usage of opioids even though their surgical wounds are cured and end up becoming addicted to them.

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Signs indicating the addiction to opioids

Here are some of the signs that indicate that your dear one has fallen into the clutches of addiction.

  • Financial difficulties
  • Inability to control their addiction
  • Following the idea of stealing from friends, family members, and businesses
  • Drowsiness
  • Isolation
  • Change in the sleeping habits
  • Uncontrollable cravings
  • Weight loss
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Decreased in the libido
  • Change in the exercise habits

Who can get addicted to opioids?

Here are some people that can get addicted to opioids easily.

  • Teenagers or people in their early 20s
  • People, who use tobacco heavily
  • People that are living stressful life including below the poverty line and unemployment issues
  • People who love thrill and risky life
  • People with a history of substance abuse in their family
  • People, who have severe anxiety and depression issues and have struggled throughout their life
  • People with issues with families, at the workplace, and with friends
  • People with exposure to the world of drug abusers and alcoholics at constant time intervals
  • People with DUIs and other such legal issues

Apart from these factors some of the additional issues such as psychological issues, genetic disorders, environmental effects, and so on, can also play a very important role in people falling into the clutches of addiction.

You can notice people suffering from severe issues of craving for opioids, and this is indicated through some physical changes such as severe sweating, feeling dull and depressed, and so on. When such people are forced to stop using, they will show severe withdrawal symptoms and this cannot be handled by the families and friends, and will surely require help from the experts.

The initial symptoms of opioids usage and addiction can be diagnosed by general physicians. They will screen the blood of the patients to check the severity of addiction and will prescribe rehab care only if they feel like the patients cannot be handled by their families and friends anymore and need expert help. If the addiction is in the initial stages, then they can handle the patients with the proper care.

Some of the treatment programs that are formulated for opioids usage will require including the family members and friends of the users. By doing so, the patients are assured that their dear ones are with them with every walk of their rehabilitation program.