Should You Buy The Crafty Vaporizer in 2021? – Everything You Need To Know


Vaporizers are becoming really popular these days. People around the country are using them on a regular basis. However, if you are in search of a portable vaporizer, then we have the best option for you. The Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer is the best portable product that you can purchase in 2021. It has been highly rated by the people and offers a sublime experience to all the users. If you have a flexible budget, then you should be spending the money on the best portable vape available. With a load of other accessories, Storz & Bickel has a wide range of portable products out of which Crafty vaporizer is the best selling. But why is this so? Well, there are different reasons that make it one of the best products out there. In this blog we are going to talk about the Crafty+ portable vaporizer.

Benefits of Using The Crafty+ Vaporizer

There are several ways in which this amazing device can offer you peace of mind. Let’s talk about the benefits you can enjoy when you are using the Crafty vaporizer

  • Healthier – using a vaporizer to smoke is certainly healthier than smoking with your fingertip or a sharp tube, since a censer or whip pen for dry plants won’t burn paper. You don’t actually burn the weed with a dry plant vaporizer – you just heat it up while burning the real weed with a fingertip or a sharp piece of it. It is important to remember that you should purchase a dry plant gasifier with precise control settings. The more the temperature control a device offers, the better and healthier the experience it delivers. The Storz & Bickel Mighty was also of the same category as this one and was definitely loved by the people here.

  • Offers more flavor – When burned, the marijuana burns and the terpenes are easily activated, which degrades the quality of the marijuana by significant manner. For those of you unfamiliar with THC, these compounds are responsible for most plant odors and are found in abundance in cannabis and fruits. The more it is present in the compounds, the easier the people gets affected by it severely. But a side kit for storing all the crucial items so you can start making the rolls easily when traveling and exploring.

Crafty Plus Portable Vaporizer FAQ

Here is a list of the most important common FAQs of Crafty Vaporizer

  1. What can you vape with the Crafty Plus?

Ans. The Crafty Vaporizer has been designed to offer a good amount of focus on dry herb vaping. It comes with different drip pads that turn into dual use vaporizers. You can easily use both medicinal oil and wax based concentrates depending on the kind of preference you have. Vaping is easy on this model and anyone can do it without any hassle.

  1. How big is the Crafty Plus?

Ans. The Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is designed to offer portability and ease of use when you are traveling. It has the dimensions of  4.3” x 2.2” x 1.3”. Even though this is not the smallest marihuana vape in the market, you can still easily carry it wherever you go. It packs a great deal of convenience along with state-of-the-art features and benefits.

  1. What’s the Crafty Plus’ heating system?

Ans. Whenever you are going to smoke weed, you need the right amount of heat. You can buy this product from the Storz & Bickel vaporizer shop and get amazing results everytime. The heating system that is available with this gadget is called hybrid heating, it offers a range of advantages over other heating systems that can be seen in the market. It is efficient and offers a fantastic experience to the users.

  1. Which battery does the Crafty Plus use?

Ans. The Crafty+ features a massive 2900mAh rechargeable battery that can help you vape continuously for more than 3 – 4 hours. The massive battery backup helps the users to enjoy vaping the Storz & Bickel vaporizer on the go without having to worry about charging it constantly from time to time. That is why, at this price, very few companies are offering you such great features & that too so conveniently.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Crafty vaporizer from the official Storz & Bickel website and enjoy a smooth experience from now on. You can even download the Crafty app and order your favorite products from the brand and get them delivered to your house now.