A Brief Introduction To Cotton Fever


The term cotton fever derives its origin from the cause of this disease. As you may have guessed, this disease is acquired when cotton gets into the bloodstream of an individual. pending on the general health of the individual, this disease may or may not be life-threatening. The normal consequences of cotton fever are nausea, fever, sudden fall in white blood cells. 

Before we discuss in detail about cotton fever, it is important to understand who gets cotton fever. Cotton fever is found to be most common in those who administer I.V. drugs to themselves. In a study by a research institution in France, it was recorded that I.V. use of crack cocaine, opiate and the use of cotton filters instead of the membrane poses the risk of cotton fever. 

This means a person who is addicted to drugs is not only a victim of the drugs, but is also a victim of many other allied diseases such as cotton fever. If you notice cotton fever symptoms in any of your peers, it is best to get them treated. However, the best strategy is to hit the root of all causes, which is drug abuse. Detox to Rehab may help you in this.

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Drug addiction is no less than a disease and the person who abuses drugs must be seen as a victim of the drugs. Drug abuse is a cry for help and with the right help and attention, a drug addict can lead a normal life again.