Five benefits of women’s hair toppers


We’ve reached a point where hair trends change constantly. Have you ever wondered and noticed female celebrities change their entire style in a short period of time? One reason is hair toppers – it might be unnoticeable due to how natural hair toppers look, but many celebrities heavily rely on them for various reasons. But it’s not just for celebrities – it’s also for regular people dealing with thinning hair or hair loss.

Below are the listed benefits of hair toppers and more reasons you should get your hands on one too!

#1 Restores confidence

Hair loss can happen for many reasons, such as stress, medical conditions, or even excessive styling – you might be in the midst of hair loss recovery and are looking for a permanent or temporary solution. Hair toppers are effective in specifically concealing your thinning hair or bald spots.

Bald patches could plummet a person’s self-confidence. Nowadays, hair pieces for women are made with high-quality human hair, and you can’t go wrong with it as it’s convenient and could solve your problem immediately. And with hair toppers, you no longer need to worry about how your hair will look and you will get your life and confidence back!

#2 Adds volume to hair

Clip-on hair toppers supply additional volume to your existing hair and crown area – this is great for keeping your styling options open, which allows quick transitions to different trending hairstyles. Not to mention, no longer having to display thinning air with your scalp visible.

Full lace hair toppers do a fabulous job of blending hairpieces into your existing hair for a natural look – your friends and family won’t even realize that you have a hairpiece on!

#3 Easy to attach

Attaching a hair topper is as easy as 123. Clip-on allows for an easy attachment process with a firm and secure hold. However, if you have an active lifestyle, we’d advise a different attachment solution, as the clips can tug onto your natural hair and cause unnecessary discomfort.

Liquid adhesives and hairpiece tapes are great attachment alternatives. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and what you choose all depends on your preference. Liquid adhesives will provide a more accurate attachment, but it also takes longer to remove and clean. Meanwhile, hairpiece tape is easier to attach and remove. Both are excellent choices as they offer plenty of bonding strength and are long-lasting.

#4 Comfortable wear

The beauty of a hair topper is that it’s lightweight – making it super comfortable to wear. If you’re looking for the most natural-looking hair topper for women, choose a lace hair topper. On the other hand, if you prefer durability and more hair coverage, opt for a monofilament hair topper as they have a thicker base and can carry more hair density. Regardless of what you choose, since hair toppers are for certain areas on the head, they are much lighter than a full cap wig.

And this leads us to the next point.

#5 Huge variety of hair toppers

Whether you prefer having black hair toppers or blonde hair toppers, at Superhairpieces, we provide a variety of hairpieces that will live up to your standards.  Our lace and poly skin base hair toppers offer the most natural look with different colors and sizes available. The Q18 model is a great choice for achieving this look as it comes in French lace with poly-painted sides and back.

If you want more durability, opt for a thicker mono base. It comes with more hair density, meaning you will have more hair coverage and volume. We recommend our popular P46 model, it comes with a monofilament base and poly skin for additional durability and easy attachment. Or you can opt for the PW2016, which comes with a mono base with a lace front for an undetectable front hairline. Both hair toppers are highly rated!


Women’s hair toppers are beneficial for various reasons, as we discussed in this article. It’s a safe choice if you seek additional volume for your hair or want to conceal certain areas as it’s lightweight, comfortable to wear, and affordable.