Hair Colours for Men – An Insight


Who said women can only colour their tresses and look cool? Well, that’s not the case! Nowadays we see a lot of celebrities colouring their hair and setting up new hair trends. Hair colouring is an artistic approach to make your hair look beautiful. There are a lot of hair colours for men from which we can choose which colour to opt for! By adding a tinge of colour, our hair seems to revive and rejuvenate. Of course, our hair becomes dull; due to a lot of factors such as heat, oil, pollution, dust, etc. These factors make our hair weak, frizzy, and prone to damage.

When it comes to men, their hair is often damaged. This can be due to environmental factors or bad lifestyle habits. Yes, bad habits can also lead to the damage of hair and body. So, what to do in such a situation? Well, the best thing is to first get your habits straight. A certain sense of discipline will make your hair and body healthy. In terms of hair, try out oiling, apply various hair masks, go for spas, etc. This will make your hair look revived. Now, let’s get back to hair colouring!

Hair colours breathe life into your dull and boring hair. As far as men are concerned, they can go for many shades. They can also opt for many hair colouring techniques that will make the colour more evident and beautiful. Now here arises a question, i.e., how we can choose the best shade? Well, in short, this is a process. To select the best colour for yourself, you need to determine your skin tone and undertone. By skin tone, we do not mean complexion. Skin tone and complexion are different.

To determine your skin tone you can take up the sun test. Stand out in the sun for five minutes. If your skin gets red after five minutes, then your skin tone is cool. Similarly, if your skin gets tanned, then your skin tone is warm. If nothing happens much to your skin, the skin tone is neutral. Once you know your skin tone, hair colours selection becomes an easy task. For instance, with a warm skin tone, you can try shades like brown, caramel, chocolate brown, etc. With a cool skin tone, you can try shades like purple, pink, red, maroon, etc. Ask your hairstylist to help you in selecting shades according to your skin tone.

Now that you know about hair colouring, let us have a look at some of the best shades for men to try this season! Have a look!

Hair Colours for Men – Top Hair Shades

Hair colours are an additional coating on our hair that protects them from various environmental factors. Hair colours also make our hair strong and boost hair growth. People who go for hair colouring must also keep in mind that before colouring their hair, they must know which dye is used. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is a natural dye that not only adds colour to your tresses but also makes your hair thick and voluminous. So, without further ado, let us look at some funky as well as neutral shades that men can try this season!

  1. Pink & Purple Hair Shade

This shade is for the man who dares to experiment with hair colour and his looks. This is not a regular shade and everyone cannot pull this off. Pink and purple hair colour will give you an exceptional unicorn look that will make everyone go in awe with the shade. This shade is extremely bright and suits a fair skin tone. Style your hair in waves and break the barriers with this amazing hair colour. Try out this hair shade and give your hair an unconventional look.

  1. Multi-Colour Hair Shade

One more hair shade for the daring man! This hair colour calls for a completely different look. Everything ranging from haircut to hair colour is unconventional. This hair shade will definitely make a fashion statement once you are out in public. To pull off this shade, you need to have medium or long hair at the top. The hair should be styled in an upward direction so that the mix of bright shades is clearly visible. Haircut lines on both sides of the skull will look extremely amazing. Try out this hair shade and make everyone believe that you can try unnatural hair shades and look absolutely stunning in them!

  1. Platinum Blonde Hair Shade

Grey is a colour that is not liked by everybody. As soon as grey hair appears, people rush to apply hair dyes to make them black again. This shade is for the cool fans of anime! Style this hair in pointed spikes with full thick bodies pointed forward. You must give this shade a try if you are a t-shirt kind of a person. Go for this platinum blonde shade and become a head-turner everywhere you go!

  1. Blended Turquoise and Blue Hair Shade

Look fun and edgy with shades of blue and turquoise. This shade has various tones of pop that make you look absolutely amazing. This shade can create as many different looks as you like. You can create as many different styles and haircuts to give yourself an edgy look. If you decide to go for this hair shade, make sure you are visiting the salon because this shade is high-maintenance. This shade requires proper care, otherwise, it will wear off quickly. Ask your hairstylist to colour your hair by blending both tones with black hair shade.

  1. Natural Black and Green Hair Shade

This shade is completely different from the shade mentioned above. This shade is slightly lighter than the turquoise shade and is inspired by the hair trend of the 70s. This hair colour looks amazing with a layered haircut. No matter what your hair type is, this hair shade will look good with everyone. The look created by this hair shade is casual and adaptable. Thus, try out this hair shade and give your hair a different look.

  1. Copper Brown Hair Shade

Finally, a versatile shade for all the fair men! This shade has a vibrant hue of copper brown that brings out the depth and dimension in your hair. This hair colour suits men with curly hair and a warm skin tone. Men with olive undertones can pull off this colour with ease. This hair shade will look perfect as it brings out the dimension and definition of each curl, thereby enhancing your entire look. Try out this hair shade and give your locks the warmth of brown. Try it out now!

So, these are some of the best hair colours for men. These hair shades are funky as well as neutral that suit all skin types. You can try out the pop colours and make your appearance look unconventional and appealing. Also, as far as hair colouring is concerned, it is best to go for natural hair dyes, Godrej Expert Rich Crème is enriched with Amla, Reetha, Shikakai, etc., that nourishes your hair and make them look lustrous and shiny. They minimise hair damage and strengthen your hair. Try out the five amazing shades by this natural hair dye and give your hair some love and care!