What to Wear If You’re a Girl Working a Corporate Job

Beauty & Style

If you’re a girl who has a corporate job, you’ve probably already experienced one or two situations when you have absolutely no idea what outfit to put on. Dressing appropriately for work is not only a form of respecting the dress-code, but also a way to make a statement about who you are and how you want to be perceived by your colleagues and the management. However, there are a few pieces that you need to have in your collection if you want to succeed in a professional setting while dressing comfortably and chic.

Little Black Dress

The classic little black dress doesn’t need any introductions, as it is one of the most timeless wardrobe staples perfect not only for date nights, but for your work outfits as well. When looking for the perfect LBD, there are three things you need to take into consideration: the fabric, the fit, and the length. Cotton is generally the best fabric for this type of clothing, since it is breathable, lightweight, and won’t restrict your movements in any way. As per the fit, choose something that isn’t too tight or constricting so that you can wear it all day without feeling uncomfortable. Finally, the knee length is usually regarded as the most appropriate for the corporate setting, so don’t choose anything shorter than that.


Accessories can make or break any outfit and corporate looks are no exception. These small yet important details can make you feel more confident and look better with minimal effort. There are a few staples that you should consider investing in: diamond stud earrings, a high quality leather top handbag, and a comfortable pair of shoes. Scarves are also a necessity for those work days when you want to make your outfit warmer and more charming. Celtic silk scarves as these https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/accessories-celtic-scarves are especially popular among corporate girls thanks to their stylish yet subtle design. You can wear a square silk Celtic scarf with a crisp white button-up around your neck or tie it over your shoulders for a more formal look. Either way, such an accessory is definitely going to become your favorite for your professional attire.


Blouses make an excellent top for those days when you feel like wearing something more fancy than a regular button-up shirt. These garments are lightweight and feminine and they highlight your natural features in a beautiful way without being too imposing. Go for a classic white, light blue, or beige color to stay safe even if you have the strictest dress-code and create charming combinations with other garments of a neutral color palette. Wear a beige blouse with a beige pair of trousers for a monochrome outfit perfect for a spring or summer day or combine it with a black midi skirt and some knee high boots to create an effortlessly stylish look for the colder season.


If your company allows you to wear jeans or if you have one day a week when you can wear whatever you want, finding the right pair of jeans is key. Skinny jeans have long been out of the fashion realm and they’re definitely not as appropriate for the corporate world as other styles of pants, so don’t even consider them. The safest choice would be a pair of wide leg, high waisted jeans in a light wash, since they will make your body look more flattering while not also being comfy. You can wear them with an oversized t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt with a vest on top, or a bulky sweater for an extremely cozy look.