Iconic Hat Styles from Movies and TV Series

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When making a movie, costumes play an essential role in creating the right setting for the audience and shaping the characters according to a certain period of time. Accessories, and especially hats, are one of those small yet crucial elements that can give the characters individuality and display such important features as their age, social and marital status, profession, and many others. Not only that, but certain hats can also become increasingly popular after the release of a movie or a TV series, later on becoming a staple and completely reshaping the fashion industry. Today, we’ll discuss some hats that became iconic thanks to their portrayal in movies and TV series, and also how you can wear them today.


The classic fedora hat is obviously at the very top of our list. This hat style is distinctive due to its soft brim and the iconic indented crown that makes it easily recognizable. During the last century, fedora became an irreplaceable headpiece of detectives and adventurers in movies such as Casablanca or Indiana Jones, thus being a symbol of a sharp mind and a fearless spirit. Today, the fedora is still widely worn both with everyday outfits and some thematic ones as well.

Flat Cap

While the flat cap has been around for centuries, it would be fair to say that it gained a lot of popularity in the last decade, mainly thanks to the Peaky Blinders series. In this TV show, the newsboy caps became not only a part of the characters’ wardrobe, but of their identity as well, as they were used during fights with other criminal families. In comparison to other hat styles, the Irish flat caps are extremely easy to incorporate into your outfit, since you can wear them with any outfit, no matter how formal or casual. In case you want to spice up your closet, hop on https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/accessories-irish-hats to browse their most famous men’s Irish hats styles and find the right one for you.


Even if you’re not a fashion connoisseur and don’t know too much about hat style, you’re sure to tell apart the bowler hat. First of all, this iconic hat with a rounded crown is the exact one that Charlie Chaplin wore in all of his movies, which quickly became his trademark. While he used this hat to make his character more whimsical and silly, in other movies such as A Clockwork Orange this headpiece is highlighting the main character’s dark side. Overall, the bowler hat is regarded as a semi-formal hat style that you can pretty easily wear in your daily life.


It would be impossible to imagine the renowned detective Sherlock Holmes without his distinctive deerstalker hat. This hat style is unique due to its design that features flaps on either side as well as a front visor, which helps make Sherlock’s silhouette more eye-catching. Fun fact: in the original series, the detective only wears his deerstalker hat a handful of times, but because of how distinctive the design is, the headpiece quickly became an icon in the Holmesian universe. Although it is rarely worn today, the fans of the books and series surely enjoy having one at home and wearing it to thematic events.