What to Expect From Root Canal Treatment: Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Health

One way to save a tooth that has become severely decaying, injured, or otherwise unhealthy is through root canal therapy. In order to save the tooth from further decay, the infected pulp or tissue filling the chamber is removed.

In what ways might a root canal help?

The nerve resides in the root canal, which is a small, tubular chamber. Infection in this region can be rather painful and lead to major health issues if not treated. Usually, an infected abscess will form in an unhealthy location. A severe enough level of discomfort may result in requiring medical attention.

Do Root Canals Work on All Teeth?

As shocking as that may seem, the answer is no. Calcified nerve or pulp is a common problem in teeth that are infected or uncomfortable and need treatment. This develops as the pliable tissues in the canals of the teeth’s roots stiffen. In such a circumstance, it may be impossible to complete the necessary treatment, and tooth extraction may be the only option.

Can You Feel Anything During a Root Canal?

There is no more pain involved with root canal therapy than with getting a filling. Pain from an infected tooth might be significantly lessened when a root canal is performed. In order to ensure your comfort, the quality dental care in Tukwila dentist will likely numb the region around the diseased tooth before performing the surgery.

The Root Canal Procedure: How Safe Is It?

When performed by a qualified and experienced endodontist, root canal therapy is both efficient and risk-free. As root canal therapy has been performed for decades, improvements in tools, methods, anesthetics, and disinfectants have led to increased success and predictability in this procedure.

Would You Rather Have a Root Canal or a Tooth Pulled?

An infected tooth needs to be treated right once to prevent further issues. Infected teeth don’t necessarily need to be pulled if you get a root canal. Dental implants and bridges can be used when a tooth is pulled, but nothing will ever be able to fully replace your original teeth. You can avoid having to have a tooth extracted by having a root canal treatment done first.

Will the Tooth Be Weaker After the Root Canal?

Your tooth’s integrity will be maintained when the pulp, or central part, is removed. But dental treatments like a crown or onlay can fortify the tooth. Following root canal treatments, your dentist will advise you on the best action to restore your tooth’s health, appearance, and function.