3 Facts about Root Canal Treatment that you must know

Dental Health

Root canal treatment is one of the best procedures to remove the decayed pulp inside a tooth that’s filled with pus. It’s, in fact, the only procedure that can save your real tooth even when the pulp is entirely dead. 

Since there’s so much curiosity about root canal treatment, there are many myths and facts that inspire people to either get the procedure done or entirely refrain from it. 

If you too find yourself confused and can’t seem to make a decision, this quick post on the facts about Root canal treatment will certainly help. Dive in!

#1. Root canal treatment is not extremely painful

The root canal procedure is immensely painful and the treated area takes weeks to heal – says who?

The root canal is a very safe and minimally invasive procedure to get rid of the decayed pulp. 

Your dentist will first apply a numbing cream. It’s only after the area will get numb that anesthesia will be inserted through an injection. Since the area will be numb, you won’t feel any pain. 

The dentist will then make a very small incision and carefully extract the decayed pulp. The area will then be cleaned and antibiotics will be used to cover the area to prevent any post-treatment infection. 

Instead of leaving the area open, the dentist will use a temporary filler to seal the cavity. There won’t be intense pain once the sensation recovers. 

You’ll be given certain medications that’ll be enough to deal with the discomfort. 

#2. It’s better to protect the natural tooth over getting an artificial one

If your dentist thinks that there’s still a possibility that root canal surgery will be able to prevent tooth extraction, don’t be inclined to get the tooth extracted and replaced with an artificial one. 

The sensation of real teeth is far better than artificial ones. You will be able to chew with your real teeth without creating any pressure around on and around the surrounding teeth. This won’t happen with artificial teeth. 

The artificial ones will pose the risk of loosening the surrounding teeth. Hence, it’s always worth a shot to try root canal treatment over tooth extraction if your dentist suggests so. 

#3. A root canal is cheaper than getting an artificial tooth 

Although the cost of getting root canal varies from tooth to tooth (molars, for instance, cost more since they’re more complex), the treatment is always more affordable than removing the tooth and replacing it with an artificial one. 

Summing up:

Always get the treatment done from reputable dental clinics like Clinique Dentaire Saba. Even though root canal is a safe procedure, it’s still surgical treatment. There could be problems if a wrong nerve is poked at the time of the surgery. 

So, be very particular when choosing a dentist to get the treatment done.