Shine bright with these exquisite styles of diamond rings


Diamond rings are one of the most beloved pieces of jewellery among fashionistas worldwide. Most commonly used as engagement rings in many cultures, most people do not know the range of the options available. Although diamond rings are slightly expensive, they are worthy of all that pomp and glamour! So, read on to know more about various styles of rings embellished with diamonds that you can choose from so that you make the right choice during your purchase!

Types of Diamond rings

Here are a few types of diamond rings that are commonly available:

  1. Solitaire Rings

Solitaires are the default type of diamond rings available since they are the most common choice for engagement and wedding rings. They consist of a thin metal band, usually white gold or platinum, with a diamond set at the top, sometimes flanked by prongs to help the diamond stay in place. The design is such that the focus is on the diamond set at the top of the ring.

  1. Pave Rings

Pave rings are not too common, but they are certainly among the most spectacular types of diamond rings available. The uniqueness of pave rings stem from the design – the diamonds are in the shape of small droplets held by tiny metal prongs. These small droplet-sized diamonds are ‘paved’ uniformly along with the metal band so that the band looks like it is entirely made of diamonds.

  1. Channel Rings

Channel rings are unique because they do not have a defined ‘top’, where the diamonds are usually set. Instead, they are set between the edges of the bands – in a channel. This means that the design of the band is quite subtle and elegant, while the stones are protected from any accidental banging and resulting damage.

  1. Tension Rings

Tension rings also do not have a protruding top from the metal band where the diamond is set. Instead, the diamond is set at the same level of the band, with the diamond acting as the connective joint between the two edges of the metal band. The diamond, in a way, is set between the two ends of the band. This is another unique design, which adds elegance and subtlety to your style.

  1. White Gold Rings

An alternative to the tradition of using platinum or yellow gold as the primary metal in the band of the ring, white gold rings have a marked advantage over both the metals mentioned here. While platinum is generally more durable as a material for the band, 14K white gold offers similar levels of durability while being markedly less expensive. White gold is also more resistant to wear and tear than yellow gold, and it complements the colour of the diamond better than yellow gold does.

With diamond rings being as expensive as they are, you must buy the right choice for the occasion and in line with the style statement you are looking to make. So do your research, and elevate your style with a diamond ring!