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Massage services- Secret weapon for successful business travel

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Business travel can be extremely taxing on the body and mind. The long flights, uncomfortable hotel beds, heavy luggage, rushed meals, and stressful meetings take a major toll over time. It often leads to fatigue, sore muscles, headaches, irritability, and decreased mental sharpness. Fortunately, there is a simple yet powerful solution to help combat these issues – getting a massage during your business trip.

  • Reduced stress levels

Business travel is inherently stressful. Massage therapy has been scientifically shown to decrease cortisol levels and increase serotonin and dopamine in the body – hormones directly related to stress levels. It leads to an immediate sense of relaxation, fewer headaches, better sleep, and improved focus for meetings or work tasks.

  • Muscle relief 

Sittings for long periods combined with lugging around luggage often lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain during business trips. A professional massage targets painful muscle knots and loosens tight muscles to provide significant relief and restore comfort.

  • Increased energy 

Massage boosts circulation and oxygenates tissues which leaves you feeling energized and rejuvenated. This extra energy counters travel fatigue so you make it through long workdays.

  • Improved immune function

Frequent business travelers are prone to getting sick from jet lag, lack of sleep, and exposure to lots of germs while flying. Research indicates massage may boost immune function by increasing the production of white blood cells. A stronger immune system helps you avoid getting sick.

  • Mental clarity

Besides muscle tension, 대전출장안마lead to mental stress that makes it hard to focus or think clearly. The increases in serotonin and dopamine along with the reduction in stress hormones from massage refresh your ability to concentrate and improve mental performance. 

Finding a massage therapist for business travel

They are key to getting excellent therapeutic results from massage while traveling is finding a properly qualified massage therapist. Here are some tips on how to find a reputable practitioner while out of town:

  1. Ask the hotel concierge for local massage therapy recommendations near your hotel or conference venue. Larger hotels may even have massage services on-site.
  2. Avoid seedy-looking massage parlors advertising sensual massages. Always opt for licensed and professionally certified therapists.
  3. Massage franchises like Massage Envy, Elements Massage, and Massage Heights offer consistent quality massage at convenient mall or shopping center locations.
  4. Apps like Zeel, Soothe, and Hand & Stone connect travelers with local licensed massage therapists who provide in-room services.
  5. For ultimate convenience, see if the company travel agent schedules a massage treatment as part of your business trip itinerary.

Schedule your massage appointment 

Once you’ve researched massage therapists in the city you’ll be visiting, call around to find one that offers the type of massage you want, fits your schedule, and is near your hotel. Book an appointment for a time that makes the most sense – some good options:

  • Right after a long flight to loosen up tightness from sitting.
  • Before an important meeting be focused and clear-headed.
  • In between conference sessions to re-energize for the next one.
  • At the end of the day relieve muscle tension from carrying luggage.