How Do You Put Magnetic Snaps On A Purse?


Do you sew as a pastime and want to make professional-looking purses and bags? Adding a magnetic snap clasp is one of the simplest ways to accomplish this. This guide will walk you through the process of making a bag with magnetic snaps. Magnetic snaps are available in a variety of styles on the market. Make sure you know what type you want and acquire them at the greatest price from a magnetic closures factory. Attaching a magnetic snap to your purse is a simple project, despite its appearance.

What exactly magnetic snaps and purse snaps are?

These imperceptible closures are suitable for practically any style of bag. Magnets can be used to attach these usually round-shaped bits to bags. Keep the pocket or flap of your bag closed. Magnetic snaps are the ideal bag closures for beginners. Magnetic snaps are simple to use and stylish. Buy one from magnetic snaps online shop.

What are the common sizes?

Magnetic snaps come in a variety of styles. They differ in terms of size, thickness, and diameter. They are often thicker and may be bought in most fabric stores. Thin snap magnets that will practically disappear into cloth, regardless of thickness, are also available. There are some variances in size. The most common size for magnet snaps is 18 millimetre, however 15 millimetre can also be used for small bags. The snap diameter is indicated by these metrics.

How to Include Magnetic Snaps

It is critical to remember that the snap should not make finishing the margins of your item harder. It’s a good idea to keep them at least one inch away from the edge of your closure. Otherwise, topstitching around will be really difficult. Apply interfacing to the flaps to give them weight. Increase one to two pieces of interfacing to each flap portion to add stability. Make sure your scraps happen to be somewhat larger than your snap component. The snap will be more comfortable and last longer.

The male snap should be placed in the centre of the tab. This is the location for your magnet. Insert the prongs of the snap into the fabric. Mark the area with a pencil or a fabric pen with fading ink. Cut along the lines with your seam ripper. Don’t go too far. Simply cut little slits. You can easily enlarge them if they are too little. The snap should be placed on the right side. The prongs may be seen on the fabric’s backside. Place the washer between the prongs. The washer should then be slid over the snap. For optimal results, use pliers to press the snap’s prongs into the surface.

What kinds of magnetic snaps are available?

Depending on the installation, there are three varieties to pick from. The first is the most well-known and our personal favourite. In this case, we’re talking about prong-back magnetic snaps. Magnetic fasteners can also be sewn into garments. These magnets are stitched between your outer layers and are composed of transparent vinyl. Finally, and perhaps most crucially, sew-on magnetic snaps.