Various Health Benefits that Buckwheat Hull Pillows Offer


Buckwheat hulls are naturally dust mite and hypoallergenic. Its distinctive structure is renowned for its longevity throughout the seasons and air permeability.

The buckwheat hull will release subtle and persistent therapeutic smell when it comes in touch with body heat.

The circulatory system will be improved, tensions will be reduced, and internal organs will be nourished as a result of sleeping on a buckwheat hull and breathing in medicinal scents. It can also be used as Zafus meditation cushions.

Healthy eating and exercise are only one piece of the jigsaw, the other is sound sleep. Your body needs adequate sleep to recover, and proper brain function depends on it.

Sleeping for sufficient time (about seven to eight hours) allows your body to recover energy that has been depleted. To do that, it is crucial to provide the ideal conditions for a sound and undisturbed sleep.

In many zafu today, buckwheat hulls have taken the place of kapok. Both materials offer a stable, cozy platform for resting. Zafus of today have zippered seams that enable the addition or removal of kapok or buckwheat hulls as needed to adjust the height and hardness of the pillow.

Here are a few benefits offered by buckwheat pillows.

  • Helps avoiding aches and pains

The spine neck does not have to adjust, as these pillows hulls are not bulky because the buckwheat pillow operates in a different way. 

  • Resistant to dust mites

By choosing bamboo buckwheat cushion, you can reduce your risk of developing dust mite allergies as buckwheat does not encourage the growth of dust mites.

  • Moldable

Buckwheat pillows can move freely inside the cover since they are filled with empty buckwheat hulls. To achieve the ideal malleability, you can choose to add or remove extra buckwheat hulls from the pillow.

  • Good for hot sleepers

Temperature regulation is another benefit of buckwheat pillows over foam pillows. Buckwheat pillows don’t absorb heat, and thus they keep you cool.

  • Contains natural fillers

Buckwheat does not even use pesticides to grow, so the hulls are entirely natural.

  • No unpleasant smells

A buckwheat pillow has no smell, and the hulls’ earthy smell is completely eliminated after processing.

  • Helps minimizing snoring

Because it does not sink and is stable enough to support the head, buckwheat pillows assist reduce snoring. The flexible buckwheat pillow can be used as a bolster to raise your head and maintain clear airways.

  • Low maintenance 

In order to keep your organic buckwheat pillow clean, no professional method is needed. All that you need to do is wash the cover in the washing machine.

  • Nature friendly

It is a biodegradable resource and hence no harm will be done to our environment if you try to dispose them off.

  • Little noise

There will be hardly any noise generated if they are rubbed against each other. Also, they need a minimal amount of adjustment.

You may contact The Mohawk Valley Trading Company for both buckwheat pillows as well as buckwheat honey as the company offers the best quality unprocessed natural products.

Some of the information in this article originally appeared here and has been republished with permission.