Top 8 Advanced And Unique Outdoor Growing Techniques


If you wish to harvest massive yields with the most potent flower buds under a bed of pristine sunshine, it’s time to know the top advanced and unique outdoor growing techniques.

I would request my readers to read this guide till the end as I share my personal experience with the top 8 outdoor cannabis growing techniques. The techniques discussed here are all not only advanced and unique but also the most effective ones giving the best results. 

I have witnessed my cannabis plant’s growing flower buds that are rich in trichomes and full of aroma and flavor. These are the results of what I have tried – strategic pruning, tie-downs, bending, and other aggressive yet gentle cannabis growing techniques.

There’s no doubt that these techniques need trial and error. No matter if you’re a beginner, even the most expert growers took their time achieving expertise on these methods. Also, my fellow growers, remember that growing cannabis outdoors has its own advantages and disadvantages.

I know that starting from coping with your region’s climate to picking the right cannabis seeds, things can be a bit complex for effective cultivation. Take no worries as I am here to help!

For starters, pick your seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. as they explain the seed’s specialty and environmental requirements right on the product description.

As an outdoor cannabis grower, there are several things you need to consider. I personally recommend my fellow growers to try these advanced and unique methods only if they have gained expertise on the basics.

So, growers, are you ready? Let’s start!

The top advanced and unique outdoor cannabis growing techniques are as follows:

1.    Topping

First, I want you to learn a simple fact on the cannabis stem. Your cannabis plants have one primary stem, and it grows in the vertical direction. Now, coming to the header, topping is a process where the grower removes the, yes, you guessed it right, the top of the cannabis plant.

But you may be wondering what’s the connection here, and why would I intentionally stress my own plant? I know it may seem unreasonable, but the trick lies within my knowledge that I am sharing here.

Cutting and removing the top of the primary stem results in the cannabis plant’s two lower growth tips present underneath to grow in its own stems. This eventually grows into colas in the cannabis plant’s flowering stage.

2.    Fimming

In my experience, fimming is a technique similar to topping. It is a form of high-stress training (HST) technique that involves the removal of the top of the cannabis plant.

Now, what’s the difference between fimming and topping, you may ask?

Unlike topping, where you have to remove the top of the cannabis plant completely, fimming needs the removal of only 50%-75% of the main stem.

If you know a little about gardening, then think of this technique as a botched topping technique. Oh! And don’t go for its messy look, as what you see can be deceptive.

Even if fimming gives a messy look, it can ensure the growth of four new stalks when compared to the two when topped. Moreover, both of these techniques can stimulate lateral branch growth than vertical growth.

So, get your pieces of equipment and start fimming today! Or you can proceed to the next technique too.

3.    Super Cropping

I have tried the super cropping technique more than any other technique, and the results never fail to amaze me! I would totally recommend you guys to check this method on your outdoor cannabis plants.

Now, what’s super cropping, you may ask? It’s considered as one of the most effective forms of high-stress training where the grower has to gently crush the specific portions of the top branches from your cannabis plant to ensure an even canopy. Remember, I advise crushing the parts without breaking them completely!

I have learned that crushing the healthy branch’s inner core makes it more flexible and easier to bend. Now guys, if you’re halfway into this technique, then follow my lead carefully.

Work on the site that you compressed. Here, you can bend your stems at an angle of 90-degree, which is a bit away from the cannabis plants and enables the lower bud sites to receive sufficient light. Also, implement this technique over the entire canopy.

4.    Monster Cropping

I have already discussed three techniques, now; let’s move to the fourth most effective one for your outdoor cannabis growth – monster cropping.

Monster cropping is the process of taking healthy cuttings from the cannabis plant during the flowering stage’s third week. I strongly advise not to do it during the vegetative stage, which is the typical way of cloning.

Why should you cut during the flowering stage, you may ask? Well, that’s because the cannabis plant re-enters the vegetative stage by taking the cutting during the flowering stage. Then, it may produce several more branches filled with nodes.

If you do this properly, the technique will yield you extremely bushy cannabis plants, resulting in the production of a massive amount of new bud sites on top of your cannabis plant’s buds. So, try this, and I assure you won’t regret it!

5.    Screen of Green (SCROG)

The screen of green or the SCROG technique is one of the most effective ways that drifted me with swift results by increasing the cannabis yields. Yes! You’ve read it right!

This is an advanced technique that I personally recommend to all growers who know the basics of outdoor cannabis growth. Here, you have to stretch out for weaving the branches of your cannabis plant via the trellis netting that utilizes posts for holding the netting in contact with the place.

Here, the trick that I observed after repeated times of growth is that the netting used to train the cannabis plants actually trains them to grow horizontally. This enables a boost in airflow and ensures light for the entire cannabis plant. Moreover, the SCROG technique is always supportive to heavy buds and branches from breaking or falling off.

6.    Flushing

Here I will discuss the technique of removing as many nutrients from the cannabis plant as possible – flushing.

When the harvest is near, you can enhance the quality and potency of your cannabis buds by simply feeding the plant by adding water. What I have learnt from my repeated attempts is – timing is everything!

You can flush the nutrients away from the cannabis plants right from the starting few days to a couple of weeks before the harvest. Also, if nutrients are locked out from your cannabis plant due to overfeeding or the transitioning phase of the feeding and growth cycles, you can perform flushing.

7.    Lollipopping

In this unique technique, you have to remove the majority of the underdeveloped and lower branches of the cannabis plants while leaving behind the topmost productive cannabis branches.

In the end, your cannabis plants will look like a lollipop consisting of a bushy upper part and a thin lower stem. Most importantly, you’ll be removing the leaves and branches that cannot receive enough light for focusing growth on the top bud sites.

8.    Main-Lining

This is the final technique that I saved for the end, and trust me, guys – it’s the ultimate one.

Main-lining comprises the HST and the LST techniques like topping and lollipopping for enabling multiple branches that directly connect to the main stem.

If your young cannabis plant has started to develop around five to six nodes, you can start with the topping of your plant from above the third node. Remember to do this all while removing the foliage under that node for focusing growth on everything above.

Moreover, you can gently tie down the new branches to make them grow at a 90-degree angle. Subsequently, topping and tying the branches results in creating eight colas on an even canopy.


So, if you want to take the optimization of your cannabis garden to the next level, you can trust my top eight advanced and unique outdoor cannabis techniques blindly.

Get indulged in this valuable and insightful guide as I have shared my decades of experience as a master grower through this content. I have tried to keep the content as short, crisp, and precise as possible for your better understanding. So, take the best benefit of this comprehensive guide and get the buds out of it.

Ciao, happy growing buddies! Stay tuned as we bring more such tips on getting your marijuana harvest right