Are Sustainable Toothbrushes the Future?

Dental Health

We have had a lot of debate over the past decade about how our consumption practices are hampering the environment and what we should be doing as individuals to combat that. In order to make nature get back to its path of sustainability, we have started adopting eco-friendly measures of consumption. Right from packaging, clothing to even toothbrushes today, sustainable products are taking us by storm. 

In the case of toothbrushes, we are ditching the age-old plastic non-recyclable brushes with more sustainable aluminum ones. These brushes come with a feature of brush head replacement whenever it is needed. 

Here are some other reasons why switching to eco-friendly toothbrushes is the best decision for the future. 

Plastic toothbrushes

Conventional toothbrushes have their bristles made up of nylon, which is actually made up of oil. Also, the handles of the toothbrushes are made with polycarbonate. Further, the toothbrushes are packaged with PET materials, which is nothing but plastic as the end product. So, if you look at the entire product, you will see that you are using a bunch of non-renewable resources to brush your teeth. This is polluting the planet, as well as simultaneously heating it too. If you want to save the planet, it is best to switch to renewable resources or ones that can be reused over and over again,

Sustainable alternatives for toothbrush handles are already present in the market

Since we know how detrimental plastic toothbrushes can be, we have started creating ecological alternatives of the same. There are options for toothbrushes that are bamboo-made or the most recent ones that are made using aluminum, which come with large number of benefits. Using these, one does not need to replace the entire brush over and over again. Only replacing the brush heads will solve your purpose. Even if you are discarding the toothbrush, the metal within the product is completely reusable. It can be used for a number of purposes and also to create another toothbrush as a whole.

Alternatives to the plastic bristles of toothbrushes are developing

Mostly nylon is being used for toothbrush bristles, and it is nothing but petroleum-based fossil fuels. Now, instead of petroleum, vegetable oil is being used to create the bristles as a perfect replacement. 

One such great move will be to switch to Nada sustainable toothbrush, which is a promise for a better and healthier future.