An Attractive Business Is Sort Of A Completed Jigsaw Puzzle

Beauty & Style

I walked right into a friend’s home lately. On the side table there is a partly finished jigsaw puzzle the border was finished along with a couple of pieces were attached but mostly it had been a stack of pieces jumbled chaotically in the centre and quietly, inviting completion. After I walked past I had been intrigued since i have haven’t labored on a single of individuals puzzles in lots of years. I discovered myself turning the puzzle pieces some way to obtain some to suit.

As I was experimenting I figured the way the structure from the puzzle advised me from the structure of the business. Each bit from the puzzle includes a shape, colors, and belongs to the entire. Each a part of a company has got the same characteristics. Same goes with a company – many parts put together right into a whole structure.

There’s a positive change though. In business we have a tendency to consider each bit as separate from one another. We might operate in one department and work constantly on improving it but we have a tendency to believe that each department or each work as outside of others and, if there’s an issue inside a department it may be “fixed” without having affected every other area of the business. Not the case!

If “Sales” does not sell, than there’s nothing for that warehouse to keep and ship. When the warehouse is structural then your promises that “Sales” makes become an origin of anger as opposed to a supply of pride.

Should you consider a company like a jigsaw puzzle, the border may be the foundation – Mission, Vision, and Values. When the foundational elements have established yourself groups or departments or sub-assemblies affix to that foundation and, slowly and gradually, all of the little pieces end up part of the image until, finally the beautiful picture emerges from the chaos. Once the last bit of the puzzle is within place there’s a feeling of completion yet a company isn’t completed. There will always be challenges to beat, the object of making something of beauty from the chaos is constant.