What Should You Know about the Zkittlez Strain?


There are many varieties available when it comes to cannabis strains. Some are ideal for recreational use, while others are predominantly used for their medical benefits. Users can try out various interesting strains of cannabis. But none can match the efficacy and potency offered by zkittlez strain. This post is devoted to everything you want to know about this popular hybrid strain.

Introducing the zkittlez strain

Do you know what the best thing to do with a zkittlez strain is? You guessed it! You can make them into a zkittlez plant, which you can then use to grow another zkittlez plant. The fun doesn’t stop there, though; use some of the leaves from the first one and turn them into potting soil, which will make more plants for your office or porch. ZKittlez is the only marijuana strain that grows itself and makes flowers for you in a matter of weeks.

THC and CBD composition of Zkittlez strain

The THC in Zkittlez is just 0.3% on average, and the CBD content is 0.04%. The THCV content is 0.01%, and the cannabichromene (CBC) content is 1.6%. There are traces of cannabinol (CBN) at 0.03%, which is found in very low concentrations in this strain; the highest amount of CBN that you can find in any marijuana strain is about 0.2%.

The cannabinoid content can also be expressed as percentages of THC and CBD, since the main active ingredients are these. In this case, the THC content is 0.9%, and the CBD content is 0.03%. The THCV is 0.04% and the CBC 1.6%.

Is the Zkittlez strain indica or sativa?

Zkittlez, like all marijuana strains, is an indica-sativa hybrid. The high of a sativa is more uplifting and promotes creative energy and euphoria. The indicas are more relaxing and will help you to sleep. Zkittlez has an effect that is closer to that of an indica; it is a good strain for pain relief, relaxation and sleep.

The indica-sativa hybrid nature of the strain means it is more likely to cause a body high than a head high. The effects spread throughout your upper body and make you feel relaxed. As with many other indicas, Zkittlez will help you to relieve pain and may also be therapeutic in treating unwanted spasms or muscle tension.

Effects of Zkittlez strain

The high from Zkittlez slowly builds up over time, until it reaches its peak after one hour or so and lasts for about two or three hours. The high is a combination of various effects and can be described as more of an uplifting cerebral one, with a feeling of mental relaxation and clarity. This effect is more common in the first half-hour after using it, while the second half is more intense than the first.

Other effects include a lack of hunger, which lasts for about three hours or so. You also feel less stressed (which is early in the high) and have a clear mind.

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