Regular In-office Dental Cleaning in Monterey: How It Can Improve Your Smile


When it comes to oral hygiene, you always think about regular tooth brushing and flossing. But good oral hygiene is more than this routine. Indeed, you should get regular in-office teeth cleaning regularly to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Generally, you will have to get this procedure done every six months or more, depending on the recommendation of your Monterey cosmetic dentist.

In addition, did you know that your teeth can be pearly white, but you may have certain oral health issues, such as gingivitis? A dentist can catch oral health issues during your regular dental visit. Don’t wait until you are suffering from a serious oral health problem before you see a dentist. 

How a Routine Dental Cleaning Works

A lot of people go to their dentist only when they experience pain or other symptoms. But routine dental visits are important in preventing oral health problems. Dental cleanings are preventative procedures that a dental expert does to ensure you have a healthy mouth. These procedures use specialized techniques and tools for getting rid of dental plaque and tartar that regular brushing and flossing cannot remove. 

The cleaning procedure usually lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. Typically, the cleaning process starts with a mouth examination. Based on the dentist’s assessment, they design a customized cleaning solution that is tailored to your oral health. Then, the dentist will get rid of plaque and tartar with the use of specialized tools. 

After the cleaning, your dentist will restore your teeth’s original smoothness by polishing them. Once your teeth are free of tartar, the dentist will give you a fluoride treatment and floss between your teeth. Oral health education often follows the dental cleaning procedure. 

Dental Cleaning Benefits

In-office dental cleanings help prevent the development of gum disease, which occurs because of plaque buildup. Also, you can avoid losing a tooth when you get your teeth cleaned regularly. Tooth loss often happens because of acidic foods and beverages as well as sugary foods that make a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. These bacteria produce acids when they digest food. These acids can dissolve your tooth enamel, causing cavities and tooth decay. When not addressed right away, this can lead to tooth loss. Routine teeth cleaning minimizes your risk of losing a tooth as your dentist will get rid of tartar from your teeth. Lastly, a professional dental cleaning can help improve your smile as it gives you bright and white teeth.