PicoSure Is the Right Type of Painless Skin Laser Treatment with Incredible Results


You have probably heard of PicoSure laser treatment while considering medical aesthetic treatments. This is a unique laser procedure that has given incredible results to patients without any painful and aggressive treatment. It offers similar results to the traditional laser treatment, but without the same level of downtime. The treatment is ideal for both genders with all skin types.

What is PicoSure Laser treatment?

PicoSure Focus Laser involves 皮秒激光 that treats fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, melasma, and acne scars, improving overall skin tone and complexion with a single laser. The treatment is done in a medical aesthetic treatment centre by medical specialists. Visit Retens Medical Centre located in TsimShaTsuiwhich offers the best and most efficient PicoSure laser treatment with professional and high-end technology.

The medical aesthetic team at Retensprovides a range of meticulous services including wart treatment, firmness lift, slimming and hair laser removal, and various skin rejuvenation procedures. With PicoSure laser treatment, they solve the problem of skin pigmentation, scars, dull and sagging skin, wrinkled skin, and tattoo removal.

This is the first kind of aesthetic laser that does not rely only on the heat for skin rejuvenation treatments. The technology of the Focus Lens Array effectively converts the laser energy into mild pressure waves that are used for targeting pigmentation areas and damaged skin.

The short laser pulses help in reducing the damage to the surrounding tissues thus, focussing directly on the problematic areas. This reduces downtime and offers comfort to the patient.

PicoSure corrects hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration issues

The PicoSure laser breaks the melanin pigment found in age spots, freckles, and brown spots. 皮秒去斑 smashes melanin particles into dust within a second and then is excreted naturally through metabolism.

The exclusive picosecond honeycomb probe method at Retens Medical can penetrate directly into the skin tissues restarting the self-repair mechanism without damaging the superficial skin while treating fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and skin discolouration issues.

Treats acne scars and removes tattoos

The unique Pico treatment not only efficiently and effectively removes most impurities from the skin surface, but is also excellent in reducing or even eliminating acne scar marks. The laser first penetrates the skin to create areas of thermal damage which then combines with the picosecond technology to break the scar. Patients see an improved reduction in scars with better skin texture and clear complexion.

Removing tattoos has also become easy with picosecond technology where a high amount of energy is released in a very short time. This shatters the tattoo ink into smaller particles and the short time frame reduces any thermal damage to the skin.

Number of PicoSure treatments needed

Most patients require about 3 to 4 treatment procedures to get their normal appearance. These procedures take place within 2 to 4 weeks or sometimes within 8 weeks if you have a darker complexion or very sensitive skin.

It is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure immediately after the procedure. PicoSure Laser treatment is the safest and most reliable method as there will be hardly any redness or peeling observed after the treatment.