Hair Extensions Care Routine to Keep Them Looking Good And Natural


Hair extensions definitely make your hair dreams come true, but a routine will come along free with it. Just like natural hair, extensions will also require love and care to keep looking good, natural and long lasting. If you are wondering what the ideal hair care routine for human hair extensions is, you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will cover everything from starting to end about the tips and tricks that can make your extensions look like a better version of themselves. Stick with us until the end to curate the best human hair extensions related insights.

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●     Silk Pillow Covers Are Your Best Friends

Other than silk, you can also try satin covers as both the fabrics are soft and produce no friction. When you brush your hair gently and wrap it around with a silk, satin cloth or sleep on a cover of the same material, you will wake up with glossy hair that won’t tangle or be prone to shedding. Trust us; those extensions will look more real than ever.

●     Timely Wash and Conditioning

Though the fact that hair extensions are not connected to our scalps is correct, it still requires the same amount of care. People often come under the misconception that they cannot wash their hair with extensions on. Even though they are not natural hair of our own, they still require washing and care.

Additionally, because they are not connected with our scalp, they are not getting natural hair oils to keep them soft and hydrate, so you should be applying the right shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate and parabens free. But no overwashing! Aim for once a week, especially when using shampoos or conditioners. The best is to reserve a day from your week as a hair conditioning day.

●     Be Gentle

Yes, they do look natural and are a part of your existing hair, but they are still an attachment, especially clip in hair extensions. So do not forget to treat them the same way. You cannot go on brushing your hair extensions vigorously without causing them some real damage. So always be gentle and patient.

When you are brushing them, remember to part sections and then go on strand by strand and not just as usual. Treating them in a rough way can make them loose and more prone to coming off. When you comb them gently and take care of them properly, they are likely to last longer.


Let us sum up the above points for all those of you who have made it here and for those of you who just need the secret out without spending much time. Human hair extensions are great, but are not real and natural hair of our own. So, all you have to do is make silk or satin your best friend, dedicate a day out of your week as conditioning day, and be gentle.

Just by doing these minimalist things, you can continue to slay those hair extensions for a long time!


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