Do You Need Deep Dental Cleaning? Know The Signs!


Deep dental cleaning is cleaning the inside of your mouth, typically done by a dentist offering periodontal services. These are called deep cleanings because they clean the surface of your teeth and gums and beneath the soft tissues. Your dentist will scrape beneath the gum tissues to clear any plaque or tartar that may have been collected. 

Nowadays, people are so busy with their other responsibilities that it can be easy to forget what is important for their health. Getting a deep dental cleaning at least once a year is recommended. Dental cleanings are more than just a cosmetic treatment; they reduce your chances of tooth decay and gum diseases. To book an appointment, call a family dentist in North Central Phoenix today. 

Signs you need a deep dental cleaning 

  1. You have inflamed gums. 

The underneath of gums can collect some of the worst bacteria and form plaque and tartar. When this happens, your gums become inflamed and hurt. Inflammation of the gums is usually a surefire sign that you need a deep dental cleaning. If your gums appear puffy, swollen, and red, and they feel tender to touch, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible. It is also difficult and sometimes impossible to eat with inflamed gums. Therefore, the sooner you get treated, the better. 

  1. Your gums are bleeding. 

While you, like many people, may think that a bit of blood does not seem dangerous, you are wrong. Bleeding gums are often ignored, but they are a sign that you must call your dentist. If you have been skipping flossing for a while, you may notice bleeding, indicating a buildup or infection along the gumline. Plaque buildup causes sensitivity, and your gums bleed. However, if they bleed even when you simply brush your teeth, you may require a dental cleaning. 

  1. You have tooth decay. 

If you have decaying teeth, your mouth is full of bacteria creating plaque and tartar. A deep dental cleaning can help clear them. People do not usually detect tooth decay on their own. If you go to routine dental visits, your dentist will be able to identify the problems and suggest solutions before things get worse. Some indicators of tooth decay include dark spots on the teeth, sensitivity, and discomfort. 

The only way to surely know whether you need a deep dental cleaning is by speaking to a dentist. The sooner you know the level of treatment you need, the more chances you have of saving your teeth.