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Try to Plan Guest Book Ideas for Your Cancun Wedding


If you are planning your wedding this year then you must consider adding a personal touch that will be remembered by people for a very long time.

Cancun weddings can be one of the great decisions however, before you finalize it, you must start booking your hotel and venue through Riviera Cancun Weddings, at least a year in advance if you have chosen the wedding day during the wedding season in Cancun.

Another creative way to consider a wedding is through a certain guest book. Even if you go for the traditional guest book, that too has its charm, however, you must also explore a few alternate ideas too.

Let us discuss a few exciting ideas about the guest book so that your wedding at Cancun will remain etched in the memory of your guests.

1. Wedding destination map guest book

Since it is you who has selected the stunning location of Cancun for your wedding, so why not incorporate the tropical essence into the guest book?

Consider using a customized world map where guests are able to sign their names and also write well wishes on the locations from where they have traveled to attend your special day.

2. Message in a bottle

You can also consider embracing the beachy Cancun vibe by choosing a message in a certain bottle guest book. Provide small glass bottles or seashells where all your guests can write their messages and place them in a decorative container.

This idea will not only add a whimsical touch, but also make for a beautiful display piece at home after your wedding.

3. Destination postcards

Incorporate Cancun’s beauty into the guest book by using certain destination-themed postcards. Provide a variety of postcards featuring:

  • Scenic views
  • Landmarks
  • Cultural elements of Cancun.

Guests can also write their messages on the postcards, and you may keep them in a personalized album or display them as a unique memento in your home.

4. Dropbox guest book

Recently drop box alternative guest books are becoming a popular choice. You can also have your drop box which will be custom made in your country’s shape.

It will come with 150 wooden hearts that your guests may sign and will drop in the box.  

5. Laser-engraved wedding destination guest book

This is another super cool idea for a destination wedding guest book, which is made of wood. There will be a laser-engraved map of the country of your choice!

The front will completely be customized so you can use all your creative ideas with it.

You can order this kind of guest book with either 30 or 50 pages. Therefore, it will be the perfect size for any small or medium size wedding.


Your wedding in Cancun certainly deserves a guest book that will reflect the unique beauty of that location and will capture the essence of your love story. With these alternative guest book ideas, you will remember your special day for a pretty long time.

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