Things to Know Before You Buy CBD Products


You are not dreaming if you begin to feel as though the letters CBD are following you around. With the word of the mouth marketing CBD is getting from all across the world, this was bound to happen. Cannabidiol, or CBD, has taken centre stage in the wellness sector ever since the government of India showed interest in it. But is it truly that excellent? Although CBD has been praised as a medication that essentially does it all—from reducing anxiety to easing chronic pain—so many people do not know about it.

Think about the following before purchasing and experimenting with any CBD products:

  1. Understand what CBD is and how it affects the body: Cannabis is a flowering plant with numerous subspecies, including marijuana and hemp. CBD is a chemical substance present in cannabis. THC, also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is another substance found in cannabis. The reason why one feels the high is because of the presence of THC. But, do you know that not all cannabis plants can make you high? That’s because different strains have varying concentrations of different chemical substances. Cannabis plants naturally contain a high amount of THC but hemp contains a lot of CBD and very little THC.

How does CBD affect your body?

Because of how easily it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (it is present in our body and is responsible for controlling pain sensation, appetite, memory, sleep, immune function, and mood), CBD theoretically has the potential to treat a wide range of illnesses. In order to instruct various cells, tissues, and organs what to perform, it releases neurotransmitters, or chemicals, throughout the body. CBD may have an impact on the signals that are being sent. Some experts suspect that this interaction is what causes CBDs to show benefits on your mood, inflammation, and pain.

  1. Locate a physician who understands cannabidiol and who can keep an eye on dose and drug interactions: CBD is still a chemical compound even though it comes from a plant. Therefore, ingesting it may have negative repercussions, some of which we may not even be aware of yet. Finding a doctor who can provide guidance is essential if you want to take CBD for its benefits. Hempstrol is one such brand in India that provides online medical consultations to its customers and from where you can buy cbd oil. All one needs to do is visit hempstrol website and book counselling sessions and their onboard certified clinicians will consider your medical problems before recommending you a dosage. However, other medicines can have much more severe side effects. In extremely high doses, it may also result in liver damage. Thus, it is important you loop in some cannabis doctors before starting with CBD.
  1. Become knowledgeable about the many CBD product categories: Whether you choose to apply CBD topically or choose to swallow CBD, there doesn’t seem to be a dearth of CBD forms in the Indian market today. If you are looking for something for your joint pain, go for CBD balm. If general well-being is your concern then go for CBD capsules. If you are experienced with CBD products, you could also choose CBD oil that needs to be kept under the tongue before swallowing it. CBD oil is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and thus, will give you the results quickly if compared with other forms of CBD. The quantity of CBD that enters your system will probably be a little less with a pill because they both have to pass through the digestive system first.
  1. Understand the types of CBD available in the market: There are three primary types of CBD available:
  • Isolate: Contains only CBD and no other cannabis plant components.
  • Full spectrum: Contains trace levels of THC as well as other cannabis constituents like flavonoids and terpenes.
  • Broad spectrum: Does not contain THC but contains trace levels of other cannabis components

Experts advise that one should choose full-spectrum CBD oil because THC and other plant chemicals, particularly CBD, seem to work better together.

  1. Finally, bear in mind this CBD buyer’s guidance: There are numerous CBD product brands available in the Indian market. How then can you determine which goods are the safest and most efficient? According to experts, find out if a product has a:

Certificate of analysis, or COA. A COA indicates that the product has been examined, tested, and confirmed to contain precisely what is stated on the label. You shouldn’t be purchasing a product from them if they are unable to supply such information.

Read the fine print if you’re making an online purchase. Analyse if the company is transparent about the CBD’s origins, the locations of the real plants, and the methods used to extract it. See if they have the lab findings, and if not, contact the business to request them. Websites with no transparency should be avoided. Consider it a red flag if the product makes any health claims

  1. Research potential interactions: Although the World Health Organization emphasizes that CBD typically has a favourable safety profile and is well tolerated, it is crucial to understand that thorough safety studies on CBD have not yet been conducted. Consult your doctor about any potential interactions before experimenting. For instance, CBD should be avoided if you have any liver problems and raises your risk of bleeding if you’re on certain blood thinners.
  1. Be ready to pay a higher price: Good quality CBD oil will cost you money but it doesn’t mean that every expensive CBD oil will be good. Check if the company has done third-party testing or provides COA.


In the west, people are taking CBD to treat various medical ailments, such as pain, anxiety, or depression. Is CBD oil suitable for you, though? You can take a medical consultation with one of our onboarded doctors and find it out for yourself.