Nursing home labels for clothing


For nursing homes, there is a lot of clothing for the elderly that need to be washed every day, and there are also other supplies for the elderly at nursing home, such as water cups, lunch boxes, medicine boxes, storage boxes, etc.

It is necessary to classify and identify the clothing and supplies quickly, thereby saving the cost and workers time.

Great K2’s TK01 name tag stickers material can effectively classify clothing and daily necessities, so as to achieve the goal of process simplicity, convenience and cost saving.

What is a good Nursing home labels for clothing?

Good Nursing home labels for clothing must meet the following standards, first, easy to install and second, washable.

That is, the name labels can be washed with washing machines and dryers.

Third, the name tag stickers should be environmentally friendly.

Fourth, labeling clothes for nursing homes must be safe.

Fifth, the blank name tag material can be cut into any shape.

Sixth, its cost should be low. There are usually two types of name label for clothing, one is Iron on, which is to heat the name labels on the clothes at high temperature, and the other is name tag stickers, that is, stick on self adhesive, which is directly attached to the clothes by its self adhesive, which is more convenient to install and remove.

But stick on name labels need have very high requirements for adhesive; otherwise it will easily fall off after washing.

  Standard of Nursing home labels for clothing
Easy Easy to install and remove
Wash Washable by washer and dryer
Environmental ECO material
Safe Safe to body
Cut Can be cut to be any shape and size
Cost Cheap

How to make Nursing home labels for clothes?

There are two ways to make stick on Nursing home labels for clothing. The first way is to find a printing company to make name tag sticker’s graphics, they print according to the requirements of nursing home to print labels, usually using Eco, UV or HP latex large format printers.

After printing, cut into the shape specified by nursing home demand. Generally, the usual shape is a rectangle.

After printing, do weeding. And then, send to the nursing home to install. NOTE, the material to be printed must be the special name labels for clothing material, such as TK01 of Great K2 Company.

Another way is to use the office printer for output, because most of the office printers are inkjet printers, so it is necessary to use the special name label for clothing, such as TWK01 from Great K2.