Get Ruby Engagement Ring To Bring Luck In Your Marriage


The fantasy about proposing with or getting engaged with a diamond ring has become outdated. Nowadays, people are looking for something unique and beyond diamonds. Ruby is getting all the attention of these people as one of the perfect options available for them. The world of colored gemstones has witnessed a boost in popularity, and ruby is at the forefront of it.

It is always the celebrities influencing the fashion industry. The ruby has been a favorite of all. It is a common site to see the A-listers like Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Mila Kunis, and Natalie Portman sporting ruby jewelry. On the other hand, who doesn’t know about Mark Zuckerberg proposing to his wife with a ruby engagement ring?

The ruby engagement rings have become the trendsetter thanks to the love of celebrities for this gem. The Virginia Ann designs can help you create your dream engagement ring by customizing it per your request. You can choose your desired gemstone, and Virginia Ann Design will complement it perfectly with a unique style by custom-making it. The unique custom process of Virginia Ann Designs allows you to work together with them to create your perfect engagement ring.

Besides your attraction for ruby, you can find an array of reasons for choosing it as the main stone for your engagement ring. You only need to skim through this post to find out these reasons.

Symbol of love, health, and wealth

Many people are getting ruby for their engagement rings. For centuries royalty has been using this deep red gem as it guarantees health, fortune, and success in love. There are only four gems in gemology as elite category precious gems. The four stones in this category include –

  • Diamonds
  • Sapphires
  • Rubies
  • Emeralds

For decades, many cultures considered ruby a stone king and called it the king of precious stones. It is because this gemstone symbolizes love, health, and wealth. The royalty has been wearing it throughout history, guaranteeing wisdom, success in love, good health, and immeasurable wealth. Many cultures have their share of the significance of ruby.

Chinese noblemen used to bury rubies under the foundation of their buildings to bring success. You can also use a little luck at the start of your marriage. It is why people think they should use ruby for their engagement rings. Ruby is also the birthstone of July, and lab-grown rubies are conflict-free, which makes it a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

Other convincing reasons to choose ruby

Following are the other convincing reasons why you should give ruby a try for your engagement ring.

  • It comes only in one color
  • It is a rigid and durable gemstone
  • A precious and rare stone
  • A gemstone for passion
  • A good investment

You can pair rubies with any metal color as they go well with any setting. You can go with a white metal like platinum or white gold to get a fresh modern look. On the other hand, pair it with rose or yellow gold to get the vintage vibes. You can also combine rubies with diamonds because it is a regular setting.

It is the combination of eternity and love. Where diamonds symbolize eternity and rubies represent love. It is a pair made in heaven.