Do’s and Don’ts for Storing the Kratom Leaves


Professionals say that you can enjoy the best benefit of kratom leaves when you consume them within the first three months. However, it all depends on how you store the leaves. If you let the leaves stay longer, chances are it might go bad.

Hence, today we will explain a few important dos and don’ts that you must remember while storing the kratom leaves.

Do the following to protect the kratom leaves

Mentioned below are some dos that you must follow to ensure the leaves remain in good condition for a long period: –

  • Store the leaves in an airtight container. Exposing them to outside elements will contaminate them, and you will not enjoy the effects to the fullest.
  • Ensure the leaves remain dry for as long as possible. Keep them away from water sources, as stagnant water will have fungus and bacteria harm the leaves.
  • Do not expose the leaves to UV rays. Instead, keep them in the dark cabinet away from the light that is not opened often.
  • Store them in a cool place, where the temperature is not very hot. If the temperature of the surrounding palace is not, it will create moisture, and water which will ruin its taste, aroma and you will not be able to enjoy the effects to the fullest.

Don’t do the following to protect the leaves

Mentioned below are some don’ts that you must avoid at all costs to ensure the leaves remain in good condition: –

  • Do not open the container for smelling or to take a look at the leaves. If you leave it open, the leaves will contaminate and degrade quickly.
  • Do not think the container will keep the moisture out from the leaves. If the container is stored near water or in a hot environment, it will bring in moisture.
  • Do not store the leaves near a place where you can see temperature variations. The changing temperature is not suited for the leaves, and it will lose its properties quickly, and you will not enjoy the products as intended.

Wrapping up

These were the dos and don’ts of storing kratom leaves. Buy the best quality leaves at affordable rates from Kratom County.