Do You Know Which Category of Maple Syrup is Healthier?


Maple syrup is classified according to color into a number of distinct classes, although this grading system might fluctuate from country to country.

There are two maple syrup grades available in the US: Grade A and Grade B. Grade A is further divided into three groups:

  • Light Amber
  • Medium Amber
  • Dark Amber 

Grade B is the darkest syrup available.

Later in the harvest season, sap is collected to create the darker syrups. The heavier ones are drizzled directly on foods like pancakes, while the lighter ones are used for baking and have a milder maple flavor.

Make sure you thoroughly read food labels before purchasing maple syrup. By doing this, you can obtain genuine maple syrup rather than maple-flavored syrup, which may contain excessive amounts of refined maple sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.

Grade A maple syrup is currently available in four separate categories, plus a processing grade for goods that don’t fit the criteria for the first category.

Maple syrup is graded according to the purity, the method used for deriving it, and the flavor. Grade A is the best one among them all, as it a nice and delicate taste with mild flavor. It has a pale golden color which distinguishes itself from other grades.

Later in the spring, Amber Color Grade A, Rich Taste maple syrup is produced, and tastes great with pancakes. The Grade A having a strong taste and dark color maple syrup is often produced at the end of the season and has a darker hue than the Grade A Dark Color, Robust Taste maple syrup.

Now, in terms of health, are there are differences between the various grades of maple syrup? If so, which grade is the healthiest if that is the case? 

We discovered that there is also a nutritional difference between them after doing some research on the topic. Minerals and antioxidants are present in all grades of maple syrup by nature, and however research has shown that the darker grades have higher concentrations of these nutrients. 

The darker ones also include more phenols, which are usually present in maple syrup. They work as “anti-tumor, antioxidants, and anti-cancer agents.”

The health benefits or the nutrition value differs among the 4 grades of maple syrup. It is believed that the darker syrups have more beneficial nutrients, but again the derivation process will also make the difference. Hence, it is always a good idea to buy these products from trusted sellers.

However, even if it is natural, you should still use it sparingly. You should just use it as a replacement for sugar items that you currently consume rather than adding it to your food. 

Additionally, the strongest flavor of the deepest grades of maple syrup is something that obviously not everyone enjoys. You can try the Rich Taste of Amber Color Grade A, if you don’t prefer their stronger flavor and yet want to take the benefits offered by darker grades.

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