Crusty Scalp and the Solutions You Would Need

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Vitamin C Serum & Essence SPF 30 Moisturising Lotion The amount of time and effort you put into taking care of your skin is astounding. What about your hair? A dry shampoo with a lot of pressure or three washes a week is all you need to do to keep your hair clean. From frizz-fighting serums to enveloping masks, your hair gets the amount of product love it needs. The care it receives is adequate.

Is it possible to have healthy hair and a happy head if you don’t have a healthy and happy scalp first?

Then, how do you feel about it? No. If you’re obsessed with having perfectly coiffed locks, you’ll do a lot of harm to your scalp without even realising it. You’ll blow-dry your hair many times a week, and you’ll use salt sprays and dry shampoo to eliminate excess oil. An unhappy scalp is the end consequence of growing levels of sun exposure and pollution.

The moment has come for a change

Incorporating skin-care ingredients into hair care products and adding scalp facials to salon menus are all contributing to the emergence of scalp care as the next big thing in skincare. This new category of goods focuses only on scalp health. Several firms are currently exploring new formulas to fulfil the needs of scalp care by using ingredients that are often found in skincare products. Niacinamide, salicylic acid, and stem cells are just a few examples of these substances. Salons are beginning to see the scalp as an extension of your skin, rather than a separate entity. The crusty scalp build up shampoo is the best choice to address the issue

It is possible to improve the condition of one’s hair using the same multi-step regimens that may improve one’s skin. We chatted to Melisa Hughes, the education director at K√©rastase India, to get a better sense of why you should shift your focus to your follicles.

What are your opinions on scalp care, which has been dubbed the “next frontier” of skincare?

Absolutely! In certain ways, the scalp may be seen as a part of the face. The skin on the scalp is much thinner and more vulnerable than the skin on the rest of the body. This kind of skin has more sebaceous glands and sweat glands but has less of a barrier function. As a result, it is imperative that we maintain a scalp care regimen that is on par with our facial skincare regimen.

What are the best ways to care for one’s scalp?

Scalp care includes cleansing, rebalancing, and moisturizing the scalp. Scalps should be cleaned often (three times per week at a minimum) and moisturized with an appropriate moisturizing mask. It is essential to utilize a treatment or cure on a regular basis while coping with specific scalp concerns. Going to the spa once every two weeks for an in-depth purification is likely to be highly helpful.

The healthiest possible scalp may be achieved by washing and conditioning your hair correctly

To get the best results, make circular movements to apply and distribute the shampoo evenly throughout the scalp before rinsing with warm water. Soaping twice ensures that your scalp and hair are well cleansed. Your scalp and hair’s health improves as a result of a massage you provide at the end of your wash. Using a conditioner specifically formulated for the scalp is the best way to keep the scalp moisturized and comforted.