10 Reasons why Ultherapy will be your next favorite procedure to combat signs of aging

10 Reasons why Ultherapy will be your next favorite procedure to combat signs of aging


Creases, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin—these are all telltale signs of aging that affect our face. What’s interesting about these “signs of aging” and our skin is that sometimes they do not actually age synchronously. You may be 30, but because of poor skincare your face may betray you and make you look 50. If you’re looking for an aesthetic treatment that can reclaim your youthful look without having to undergo the knife, then you’re in luck. This article lists down reasons why Ultherapy (https://harmonyaesthetics.sg/ultherapy-singapore/) will be your next favorite procedure to combat signs of aging!

Reasons why you should consider Ultherapy

1. Ultherapy is an aesthetic procedure specifically developed to address skin aging problems.

The team creators of Ultherapy spent years of studying the composition of the skin and how it ages. They learned that our skin’s aging is brought about by the body’s inability to produce sufficient collagen and elastin as it grows old. Based on these findings, they developed a treatment using ultrasound energy that can stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin in the body. The results of which are very much natural-looking.

2. Ultherapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure.

When thinking about restoring your face’s youthful appearance, surely there is one word that comes to mind immediately: facelift. And this word—facelift—is often associated with procedures that require one to lie prone sedated on a surgical table and then waking up after with the head wrapped in bandages. No, we’re not describing a scene in The Mummy, but chances are, this imagination dates way back to the early days of surgical facelift procedures. While surgical facelift procedures have come a long way and saw a myriad of improvements with procedures and techniques, some people still feel queasy about the thought of a scalpel slicing through their skin.

Thankfully, non-surgical facelift procedures also came into the picture as aesthetic and technological advancement continued to develop over the past decades. Ultherapy is one of the most effective non-surgical and non-invasive procedures that medical professionals bank on when treating patients who wish to look younger without undergoing surgery.

3. Ultherapy is also able to reach the layer of muscle which surgeons target when performing facelifts.

The superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) is a muscle layer deep in the skin composed of fibers of collagen and elastin, as well as fat cells. This sheet of tissue covers the forehead down to the neck. As we age, the SMAS layer loses its elasticity, making our skin sag and highlighting flaws, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Hence, surgeons target to lift this tissue during surgical procedures to tighten the face’s skin.

Ultherapy does the same without having to make any incision through the skin. This non-surgical facelift procedure uses ultrasound therapy to go through the depths of the skin until it reaches the SMAS layer and stimulates collagen production. With the use of ultrasound imaging, your doctor can focus and monitor the areas that need treatment, ensuring that the energy from the device is distributed accordingly where it is mostly needed.

4. Ultherapy is a lunchtime procedure.

Literally, you can spend your lunch break in your doctor’s office beautifying yourself by undergoing a session of Ultherapy. A session of this procedure can go anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes. You won’t need to be sedated or be placed under general anesthesia. You won’t need to take several days off just to recuperate from the procedure (unlike surgeries). And you can proceed with the rest of your schedule once your treatment is done. A major plus when we talk about convenience!

5. Ultherapy can treat different problem areas in the face, chest, and neck areas.

Say goodbye to droopy cheeks, sagging jowls, and wrinkly skin—these flaws that plague the face, chest, and neck are goners when treated with Ultherapy!

6. Ultherapy results get better over time and lasts long.

You can enjoy the benefits of Ultherapy (i.e. tight and lifted younger looking skin) immediately after a procedure. Also, it does not end there! As the new collagen is stimulated in the SMAS layer, you can expect your skin to reap more rewards even days, weeks, or months after your treatment!

7. Ultherapy has lower risks compared to surgery and laser procedures.

Surgery, given its nature, can expose you to a lot of risks and complications. With Ultherapy, you won’t have to worry about bleeding or infections. As compared to laser procedures, Ultherapy gets the nod from more doctors and patients when it comes to treating skin aging as this treatment does not use energy-charged light that may result in hyperpigmentation due to overexposure or repeated treatments, especially for patients whose skin tones are darker. However, “lower risks” does not equate to “no risks.” Ultherapy still has some risks involved. These are:

  1. Bruising
  2. Numbness
  3. Redness
  4. Swelling
  5. Tenderness
  6. Numbness

Of course, these are only minor side effects that will not need a lot of downtime to heal.

8. Ultherapy is FDA-approved and safe.

Ultrasound energy has a longstanding record of being safe for use in the medical industry for over three decades. This is the same energy that is used for Ultherapy treatments. Rest assured, you are receiving gold standard treatment with Ultherapy—as long as your treatment is handled by a certified and skilled medical practitioner.

9. Ultherapy can be used for men and women.

Any person, whether male or female, who has skin laxity problems in the face, chest, and neck can benefit from the wonders that Ultherapy can give. If you have mild to moderate skin aging and elasticity concerns and are in your 30’s to 40’s, then you may be a possible Ultherapy candidate.

10. Ultherapy is readily available at Harmony Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore.

You do not have to look far and wide just to book an Ultherapy treatment! Harmony Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore offers this procedure. Just visit their clinic or website for more information about this age defying ultrasound treatment!

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